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Leyton 1895

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Leyton]

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There have been only eight cases, as compared with 71 last year
These occurred within a period of two months, and, as we were
fortunately able to move them promptly to a hospital, a serious outbreak
was avoided.
I should like to mention that in January I received notice that a
person, who had been living in this District for nearly a year, developed
Small Pox three days after her arrival in the east end of London.
I endeavoured to trace the source from which it had been contracted,
but was unsuccessful. No case occurred here for some months before
and after this period.

The following are the details of the eight cases.

No.Sex.Age.Residence.Vaccination.History.Removed to
1M28Cann Hall WardIn infancyBeen at work for a week with rash outHighgate
2M28West Ham UnionIn infancyTramp from Canning TownHospital Ships
3F29Cann Hall WardIn infancyWife of No. 1Highgate
4M42West Ham UnionDoubtfulTrampHospital Ships
5M28Harrow Green WardIn infancySent to Temporary Scarlet Fever Hospital
6F10„ „ „UnvaccinatedVery severe confluent caseHighgate
7F„ „In infancy and 15 years agoNurse contracting disease from No. 6Highgate
8F32„ „ „In infancyNurse contracting disease from No. 7.Highgate
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