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St Pancras 1962

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St. Pancras, Metropolitan Borough]


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    Marriages The following table shows the number of marriages which have taken place in the Borough since 1939, and the marriage rates for those years:-
    YearC. of E.R.C.ChapelsSuperintendent Registrar's OfficeTotal marriagesEstimated populationMarriage rate per 1,000 population
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    Name and Address of HospitalTelephone NumberAuthority under which functioningNumber of Beds
  • Page 8
    Climatological Summary, Year 1962 Station, Camden Square, N.W.1. - Lat. 51° 33' N. Long. 0° 8' W.
  • Page 9
    Registered Live Births
    M.F.TotalRate per 1,000 of estimated population
    Legitimate1, 1071,0462,153
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    Registered Still Births
    M.F.TotalRate per 1,000 live and still births
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    Deaths -All Ages
    M.F.TotalDeath Rate per 1,000 of estimated population
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    Causes of deathAges - Both Sexes
    Under 1 year1-45-1415-2425-4445-6465-7475-Totals
  • Page 11
    DEATHS OF INFANTS UNDER 1 YEAR OF AGE - 1962 from stated causes with age distribution
    Cause of deathAge
    Under 1 day1-6 days1 week2 weeks3 weeksTotal under 4 weeks4 weeks and under 3 months3-5 months6-8 months9*11 monthsTotal under 1 year
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    Death rates of infants under 1 year of age
    YearLegit imate Infants per 1,000 legitimate live birthsIllegitimate infants per 1,000 illegitimate live birthsAll Infants per 1,000 live births
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    Vital Statistics of St. Pancras since 1924
    YearPopulation estimated at middle of each yearNett Registered live births belonging to the boroughNett deaths belonging to the borough
    At all agesUnder l year of ageUnder 4 weeks
    NumberRate per 1,000 of estimated populationNumberRate per 1,000 of estimated populationNumberRate per 1,000 nett live birthsNumberRate per 1,000 nett live births
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    Still Births, Illegitimate Births, and Deaths of Illegitimate Children
    TearStill birthsIllegitimate birthsDeaths of illegitimate children
    Under 1 yearUnder 4 weeks
    Number (illegitimates in brackets)Rate per 1,000 births(llve and still)NumberRate per cent, of live birthsNumberRate per 1,000 illegitimate birthsNuaberRate per 1,000 illegitimate births
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    Maternal Mortality in Borough of St. Pancraa
    YearSepsisOther CausesTotalRate per 1.000 live and still Births
    SepsisOther CausesTotal
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    Deaths from Cancer of St. Pancras Residents during 1962
    Under 112-5-15-25-35-45-55-65-75-. 85- .
    M.F.M.F.M.FM.F.M.F.M.F.M.F.M.F.M.F.M.F.M.F. .M.F.M.F.
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    The following table shows the number of deaths of St. Pancras persons from certain diseases during the years 1924 to 1962:-
    YearCancerTuberculosisHeart diseasePneumonia (all foras)BronchitisPopulation
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    Deaths from Tuberculosis of St. Pancras Residents during 1962
    Under 1 year1-22-45-910-1415-1920-2425-3435-4445-5455-6465-7475 and upwardsTotal
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    Showing number of revised diagnoses
    DiseaseNotificationsDiagnosis subsequently revised
    Under 11 and overTotals
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    Notification of Infectious Diseases since 1932
  • Page 23
    Measles Particulars of tne cases, deaths and incidence and mortality rates of Measles since 1929 are given in the following table:-
    Estimated populationYearCasesDeaths
    Under 1 yearOver 1 yearTotalIncidence rate per 1,000 populationUnder 1 year1-5 years5-15 yearsAdultsTotalMortality rate per 1,000 cases
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    Number of Primary Notifications
    0-1-2 to 45 to 910 to 1415 to 1920 to 2425 to 3435 to 4445 to 5455 to 6465 to 7475-Totals
  • Page 28
    Number obtained from Special Death Reports and by Transfer from other districts
    0-1-2 to 45 to 910 to 1415 to 1920 to 2425 to 3435 to 4445 to 5455 to 6465 to 7475-Totals
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    The following table gives particulars of the prevalence and fatality of tuberculosis during the past twenty-three years:-
    YearEstimated populationNot if icat ionsNot if icat ion Rate per 1,000 populationDeathsDeath Rate per 1,000 population
    PulmonaryOther formsAll formsPulmonaryOther formsAll formsPulmonaryOther formsAll formsPulmonaryOther formsAll forms
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    Tuberculosis Register The following tables gives a summary of the changes in the register during the year 1962:-
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    This work is carried out by either the Public Health Laboratory Service (at Colindale or Oounty Hall), or the Royal Institute of Public Health and Hygiene, 23, Queen Square, W.C.I.
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    Cleansing The number of attendances at the Council's Public Health Annexe during the year 1962 was as follows:-
    MenWomenChildren under 5SchoolchildrenTotal 1962Total 1961
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    (2) Verminous Conditions
    MenRosenChildren under 5SchoolchildrenTotal 1962Total 1961
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    Disinfesting Figures set out below show the number of houses, rooms, etc., dealt with after infectious diseases or following complaints of vermin:-
    CauseNumber of casesSprayed and Fumigated
    Number of rooms and contentsRooms onlyContents only
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    The following table shows the number of persons helped during 1962 and the previous year.
    MonthCasesNo. of services
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    Visits by District Public Health Inspectors during 1962
  • Page 34
    Visits by District Public Health Inspectors - Continued
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    The following table gives a summary of this branch of the work of the department during the past nine years:-
  • Page 35
    The above summonses were taken under the following statutes or regulations:-
  • Page 35
    Work by Borough Council in default of owners:-
  • Page 36
    During the year under review 50 notices were served under this section, and the position at the end of the year was as follows:-
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    CLOSING AND DEMOLITION ORDERS The following is a summary of the work carried out during the year in regard to unfit basement and other rooms:-
  • Page 38
    PREVENTION OF DAMAGE BY PESTS ACT, 1949 Details of the work carried out during 1962 in respect of rats and mice are given in the following table:-
    PremisesTotal 1962
    Private 1962Business 1962
  • Page 38
    MORTUARY AND CORONER'S COURT The following table shows the work undertaken during the year, with the corresponding figures for 1960:-
    Post-Mortem examinat ionReceived for viewing or convenience onlyTotal
  • Page 39
    £1,025. 3s. 3d was recovered from the following sources:-
  • Page 40
    INVESTIGATION OP ATMOSPHERIC POLLUTION The following table shows the monthly recordings of the measurements of deposited matter (ash and grit) and sulphur dioxide at the three stations indicated:-
    1962Deposited matter (ash and grit) in tons per square mileSulphur tri-oxide in mgs. per day per 100 sq.c. of batch 'A' standard lead peroxide
    Camden RoadChalcot RoadHighgate West HillCamden RoadChalcot RoadHighgate West Hill
  • Page 40
    Both smoke and sulphur dioxide concentrations are calculated in microgrammes per cubic metre:-
    1962Town HallChester Road Library
    SmokeSulphur dioxideSmokeSulphur dioxide
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    Particulars of factory and other inspections carried out by the Council's Inspectors for Factories during 1962 are given in the following table:-
    Number of visits -
  • Page 41
    *Visits to Outworkers' premises are included under District Public Health Inspectors.
    Intimation Notices served relating toStatutes under which served
    Factories Act. 1961Public Health (London) Act. 1936Food and Drugs Act. 1955
  • Page 42
    The following particulars are furnished in accordance with Section 153(1) of the 1961 Act, with respect to matters under Parts 1 and VIII:- Part I of the Act 1. Inspect ions, etc.
    PremisesNumber on RegisterNumber of
    InspectionsWritten NoticesOccupier Prosecuted
  • Page 42
    2. Cases in which defects were found
    ParticularsFoundRemediedReferredNumber of prosecutions
    To H.M. InspectorBy H, M. Inspector
  • Page 43
    Part VI11 of the Act Outwork (Sections 110 and 111)
    Nature of workSection 110Section 111
    No. of outworkers in August list required by section 110(1) (c)No. of cases of default in sending lists to the CouncilNo. of prosecutions for failure to supply listsNo. of instances of work in unwholesome premisesNotices servedProsecutions
  • Page 44
    Particulars of the inspections carried out by the Council's Food Inspectors during 1962 are given in the following table:-
    Number of visits to -
  • Page 45
    MILK SUPPLY Milk (Special Designation) Regulations, 1960 The following licences are in force in accordance with these Regulations:-
    Principal licences
  • Page 45
    REGISTRATION OF FOOD PREMISES The number of premises registered in accordance with sections 16-18 of the Food and Drugs Act, 1955, as being used in respect of storage and sale is as follows:-
  • Page 45
    Details of the nature of all samples are shown in the following table:-
  • Page 46
    Details of the samples are given in the following table:-
    T.T. (Past.)PastSter.Totals
  • Page 46
    The following table shows the detailed results of these examinations for the year 1962 and preceding years.
  • Page 47
    LEGAL PROCEEDINGS The following 5 prosecutions were undertaken during 1962 under the Food and Drugs Act and Regulations:-
    OffenceResult of proceedings
  • Page 47
    UNROUND FOOD CONDEMNED AND DESTROYED During the year 1962, the undermentioned unsound or diseased food was surrendered by the owners and dealt with by the Food Inspectors. Most of this was destroyed, the remainder being used for pig food:-