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Shoreditch 1864

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Shoreditch, Parish of St. Leonard]


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    VESTRY OF SAI ??? EONAR13, SHOREDITCH. STATEMENT ???ND ACCOUNT Of all Monies received and expended during the Year ending 25 th March , 186??? der the " Metropolis Local Management Act," 18 th & 1 9th Victoria, cap. 120.
    Cash Balances.Receipts during the Year.Payments during the Year.Cash Balances.
    RATES. &c.March 25th, 1864Rates, &c.Contributions.Loans and Interest.Transfer Accounts.Totals???vssments ???letropo-??? BoardWorks.Establishment.Repayment of Loans and Interest.Transfer Accounts.Law Expenses Committees, and Other ContingenciesMarch 25th, 1865Totals .
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    STATEMEN ??? ND ACCOUNT Of all Arrears of Rates and other Monies owing to, and of all Debts and Liabilitie ??? ing by the Vestry of Saint Leonard, Shoreditch, on the 25th March, 1865,
    Moneys owing to the Vestry.Debts and Liabilities owing by the Vestry.
    RATES, &c.Cash Balances, &c.Uncollected Rates.Contributions to be received.Totals.???adesmen's & other ???Bills in Contract.Tradesmen's Bills and other obligations not in Contract.Proportion of Precepts issued by the Metropolitan Board of Works.Totals.
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    The following rates have been made by the Vestry for the year ending 25th March, 1865:
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    The Main Drainage account for the year ending the 25th day of March, 1865, is as follows:
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    AN ACCOUNT of the Sums levied by, or in respect of Rates levied by or under the Order of the Vestry of the above Parish, under the Act 18 and 19 Vict., c. 120, and the 21 and 22 Vic., c. 104> and of the Expenditure thereof, for the year ending the 25th March, 1865.
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    Road Materials received from the Contractors during the year, from the 25 th March , 1864, to the 2 5th March, 1865.
    Broken Granite.Ballast.Flints.
    At per yd.Cubic Yards.At per yd.Cubic YardsAt per yd.Cubic Yards.
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    A Contract has been entered into with Mr: William Dethick, of Great Cambridge Street, Hackney Road, for the General Sewer Works, and Repairs, for one year, from the 20th September, 1864, under a schedule of prices, and the following works have been done under such contract.
    Locality.Length and Sizes, feet lineal.Gullies.Ventilating Shafts.Side entrance.Cost of Construction.
    3 by 2.12-in. Pipe.
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    Contracts entered into by the Vestry for General Works, and Supply of Materials, For One Year, from the 25th day of March, 1864.
    date of contractname of to be performed, or materials supplied
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    Table shewing the Death-rate in London and Shoreditch, year by year, from 1854 to 1864.
    185418551856 18571858185918601861186218631864
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    The following are the Vaccination Returns for the year 1864.
    Births.VaccinationsProportion of Vaccination to Births.
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    TABLE I. Showing the Deaths from all causes, at different ages during the year 1864
    Deaths of Persons of the AgesDeaths at all ages in Shoreditch WorkhouseIn St. LukeWorkhouse.
    All AgesUnder 1 yearUnder 5 years5 & under 1010 to 2020 to 4040 to 60Above 60
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    TABLE II. Showing the Deaths from all causes for each quarter 1864, and the first quarter of 1865
    1st quarter2nd quarter3rd quarter4th quarter1st quarter
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    TABLE III. Showing the deaths from the following Epidemic or Zymotic disease? year by year.
    Small PoxMeaslesScarlatinaPneumoniaDiarrhoeaFeverFever deaths in St. Lukes'Fever deaths in Shoreditch proper.
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    IV. New Cases of Disease coming under Treatment of the Poor-Law Surgeons, during the Year 1864.
    Small Pox.Measles.Scarlatina.Whooping Cough.Erysipelas.Influenza.Diarrhoea.Cholera.Continued Fever (Typhus & Typhoid).Rheumatism.Syphilis.Alcoholism.Scurvy.Cancer.Scrofula.Phthisis.Brain Disease.Heart Disease.Bronchitis.Pneumonia.Lung Disease.Stomach Disease.Kidney Disease.Femalo Diseases.Skin Diseases.Accidents.All Diseases.
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    TABLE Y. Total Deaths and Total Births in Sub-Districts during the Year 1864.
    SUB-DISTRICTS.Population 1861DEATHS.TotalsProportion of deaths to birthsTotalsBIRTHS.