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Shoreditch 1864

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Shoreditch, Parish of St. Leonard]

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Workhouse, in which institution occurred 245 deaths, included in the
gross Shoreditch mortality.
28 persons more died in Hoxton Lunatic Asylum.
The rate of mortality during 1864 was slightly in access of the
average of the ten preceeding years throughout London and also
throughout the Eastern Districts.
It is perhaps more useful to exhibit the course of the death-rate
in Shoreditch alone during the last 11 years. I have calculated the
following rates upon the estimated population for each year, obtained by
multiplying the population of each year successively, by 1.017, the
annual rate of increase actually ascertained to have ruled in Shoreditch
between the censuses of 1851 and 1861.

Contracts entered into by the Vestry for General Works, and Supply of Materials,

For One Year, from the 25th day of March,1864.

date of contractname of to be performed, or materials supplied
5th April, 1864Independent Gas Company, HaggerstoneTo Light the whole of the Public Lamps in that part of the parish that is situate on the North side of Worship Street, the supply of Burners, Service Pipes, and Fittings, complete, also the Painting, Repairing, and all removals required, at £4. per Lamp per annum.
5th „ „Chartered Gas CompanyTo light the whole of the Public Lamps in that part of the parish that is situate on the South side of Worship Street
Four feet per hour Newcastle Coal Gas, each Lamp per annum £3 16s. with 15/- each for Lighting, Cleansing, Painting, Repairs, &c.
17th March, 1864Mr. Henry Dodd, City Wharf, New North-roadDusting and Scavenging the Parish for £2900
„ „ „Mr. Henry Booth, of Kingsland Road BridgeMason's Work
„ „ „Mr. Henry Booth, of Kingsland Road BridgePavior's Work
„ „ „Mr. Henry Crane, of 45, Baring-street, New North-roadBallast 3/-, Sand 3/-, and Shingle 3/- per cubic load
„ „ „Mr. Henry Dodd, of City Wharf, New North-roadFlints 7/4, and Broken Kentish Rag Stone 8/1
„ „ „per cubic load
„ „ „Mr. Henry Booth, of Kingsland Road BridgeBroken Granite 16/4 per cubic yard
„ „ „Mr. A. T. Roberts, of 5, Hackney-roadPrinting
„ „ „Mr. Robert S. Stacy, of 170, ShoreditchStationery
„ „ „Messrs. Burgess & Geyton, of 10, St. John's-road, HoxtonPainter's and Writer's Work
„ „ „Mr. George Smith, of 2, Manor-place, HaggorstonePlumber's Work
„ „ „Mr. James Barnes, of 202, Hoxton-townSmith's Work
„ „ „Mr. William Henry Tilley, of 161, Kingsland-roadLamp Lanthorns, &c.
„ „ „Mr. Edward James Hall, of 114, MinoriesLamp Posts, Columns, &c.
„ „ „Mr. Ellis Lewis, of 46, Kent-street, BoroughStreet Broom Heads
„ „ „Mr. Henry Crane, of 45, Baring-street, New North RoadGeneral Cartage
„ „ „Messrs. Rosher, Kingsland-roadLime

It must be observed that the rates as estimated above, include the
deaths in St. Lukes' Workhouse; If these were deducted, the deathrate
of Shoreditch would, of course, compare more favourably with that
of the metropolis.
Shoreditch stands in point of population to all London as 1 to 22,
The twenty-second part of the London deaths is 3533, whereas the
actual loss including the 245 deaths in St. Lukes', was 3620.
Table I. exhibits the causes of deaths under several ages throughout
the year. In the order of destructiveness, we find: 1.—That
Phthisis ranks first, 450 deaths are assigned to this cause. 2.—In the
second place stands Bronchitis, which carried off 407 persons. 3.—Then
Pneumonia, another form of lung inflammation commonly more acute
in nature than Bronchitis, and attacking children in larger proportions,
which killed 303 persons, of whom 247 were children under 5 years of
age. 4.—Scarlatina occupies the fourth place, destroying 236 persons
of whom 223 were children under 10 years. 5.—Brain diseases, including
the 28 deaths in Hoxton Asylum were the cause of death in