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Shoreditch 1864

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Shoreditch, Parish of St. Leonard]

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By the Act of the 26th and 27th Victoria, cap, 78, being the
"Metropolis Turnpike Roads Acts Amendment Act," the maintenance
and repair of Hackney Road, Kingsland Road, and the City Road,
have been thrown upon the several parishes in which they are situated.
By arrangements made with the adjoining parishes, Shoreditch will
have to maintain that portion of the Hackney Road which lies between
Shoreditch Church and Weymouth Terrace; that portion of Kingsland
Road, between the Stone's End, near the Cherry Tree public house, and
the party-fence wall between Nos. 11 & 12, Acton Place; and that portion
of the City Road from the boundary of the parish near the Lying-in
Hospital northwards to No. 161, City Road.
The expense of maintaining these roads, since the 1st July, 1864,
to the 25th March, 1865, is £1205 11 0, thus apportioned:
For Kingsland Road 1,008¾ at 14/3 718 14 8
Hackney Road 487¼ ,, 347 3 4
City Road 196 „ 139 13 0
Lighting the Parish.
The Vestry contract with the Independent Gas Light Company, at
Haggerstone, for the lighting of all the public lamps in the parish that
are situate on the north-side of Worship-street, at £4 per lamp
per annum, which includes the supply of new burners, service pipes, and
fittings for the same complete, with painting, repairing, and all removals
that may be ordered by the Vestry.
The public lamps of the parish on the south-side of Worship-street,
are lighted by the Chartered Gas Company, Curtain Road, upon the
following terms, viz.:
Newcastle Coal Gas
4-feet per hour each lamp £3 16s.

Road Materials received from the Contractors

during the year, from the25th March, 1864,to the25th March,1865.

Broken Granite.Ballast.Flints.
At per yd.Cubic Yards.At per yd.Cubic YardsAt per yd.Cubic Yards.
Midsummer 1864
Mr. H. Booth16/4315¾
Mr. H. Dodd7/4120
Mr. H. Crane3/-438
Michaelmas 1864
Mr. H. Booth16/4523¼
Mr. H. Dodd7/4144
Mr. H. Crane3/-156
Christmas 1864
Mr. H. Booth16/41225¾
Mr. H. Dodd7/4390
Mr. H. Crane3/-531
Lady-day 1865
Mr. H. Booth16/41193¾
Mr. H. Dodd7/4273
Mr. H. Crane3/-843