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Shoreditch 1864

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Shoreditch, Parish of St. Leonard]

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gratifying fact results, that Fever has been far less prevalent and less
fatal in Shoreditch than in the metropolis at large.
In Table II. are exhibited the number of deaths from the several
causes occurring during each of the four quarters of 1864, and the
first quarter of 1865.
Deaths and Births in the different districts of Shoreditch. The proportions
of these are set forth in Table V. The average proportion borne by
deaths to births is .73. It ranges from a minimum of .59 in Haggerstone East
to a maximum of .85 in Hoxton New Town. Of course, the proportion
is raised in Haggerstone West and Hoxton New Town by the deaths in
the Workhouses.
Ages at Death.—Of 3710 deaths, 837 or 22 per cent. occurred
under the age of 1 year, and 901 more or 24 per cent. under 5 years.
Thus, 1738, or 46 per cent. deaths occurred under 5 years; this proportion
is less than in 1863, when the deaths under 5 were 48 per cent. In 1862
the proportion was also 48. In 1861 it was 49 per cent. The health
indication then, derived from a lessening infantile mortality, is favourable.
The number of deaths from 5 to 10 years was 160 or .042; between 10
and 20 it was 125 or .033; between 20 and 40 it was 424 or 11 per
cent.; between 40 and 60 it was 539 or 14 per cent., and above 60, it
was 724 or 20 per cent. The proportion above 60 is not unfavourable.
Coroners Inquests. 199 inquests were registered. In 117 cases,
the immediate cause assigned was some ordinary disease; but in several
of these, the exciting cause of the fatal disease was intemperance.
There were 25 cases of children suffocated in bed, and 7 other cases of
children found dead, no cause being discovered. In 25 cases, death
occurred through accidental violence. There were 21 cases of presumed
suicidal death; of these, 1 was the result of "Poison," 8 of "Drowning,"
and 12 of other forms of violence, chiefly "Hanging." There were 4
cases of deaths from violence, the result of murder or manslaughter.
Sanitary Improvements. Year after year has been marked by substantial
improvements. Comparatively few of the worst order of close
courts and alleys which offered the most favourable nurseries for disease,
now remain. The condition of the greater number of the most defective

The following are the Vaccination Returns for the year 1864.

Births.VaccinationsProportion of Vaccination to Births.
St. Leonards657385.60
Hoxton Now Town1058336.32
Hoxtcon Old Town1027298.29
Haggerstone West982269.29
Haggerstone East805365.45