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Shoreditch 1864

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Shoreditch, Parish of St. Leonard]

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The Surveyor has under his control, two foremen, one for the
Eastern part, and one for the Western district of the parish, and it is
their duty to superintend the repair and maintenance of the roads and
footways, to see that the watering is properly done, and to report to the
Surveyor and Paving, &c., Committee, all matters relating to such roads
footways, &c., from time to time.
The number of laborers employed by the Surveyor on the roads is
21, and they have to attend to the general repair and maintenance of
the roads throughout the parish.
The Surveyor has also 2 masons with a laborer each, for the repair
of the footway pavements, and in most cases to repair the pavement after
trenches have been opened by companies or contractors.
There are also 3 paviors for the repair of the carriage-ways, crossings,
channels, &c., and 5 laborers generally employed, throughout the
There is one man employed to cleanse the Urinals (13) belonging
to the Vestry.
The Surveyor has 3 men employed in flushing the Sewers in the
parish, also a bricklayer and laborer generally employed on sewers work.

AN ACCOUNT of the Sums levied by, or in respect of Rates levied by or under the Order of the Vestry of the above Parish, under the Act 18 and 19 Vict., c. 120, and the 21 and 22 Vic., c. 104> and of the Expenditure thereof, for the year ending the 25th March, 1865.

Balance in hand from last Account12531a5Repairs, Maintenance of Highways, Roads, Streets, Paths, Ac., and for Cleansing and Watering Roads16044116
Lighting and Works connected therewith529633
Bates or Assessments:—
Sewage and Drainage Works87238
General and Lighting Rates2259620Payments to Metropolitan Board on Account of Main Drainage332230
Other payments to Metropolitan Board3182109
Sewers Rates4474174
Main Drainage Rates4499710Collectors Poundage805168
Law Expenses70940
Receipts on account of Highways, Roads, Streets, &c.161061Interest and Annuities1570167
Loans Repaid183368
Ditto Improvements, Interest, Private Works,
Improvements (not included under the foregoing heads)72700
Incidentals, &c.173848Other Payments62999
Total amount expended36397130
Total£4745019Balances in hand at the close of this account1105271
Liabilities at the close of this account
Bonded or Mortgage Debt808368