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Shoreditch 1864

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Shoreditch, Parish of St. Leonard]

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The Inspector of Nuisances reports as follows:
I have the honor to submit for your information, the following summary
of proceedings taken for the removal of nuisances, and the number
of sanitary works executed during the year ending March 25th, 1865,
independent of, and distinct from what has been done under the direction
of the "Special Sanitary Committee."
I inspected 2,101 houses; 213 cesspools have been abolished, 291
proper water closets have been erected in the place of open privies,
all provided with proper trapped soil pans, and properly drained to the
sewers; 88 house drains have been cleansed and repaired, a number of
them that were old brick drains under houses have been taken out and
glazed stone-ware pipes put in their place; attention has also been given
to the paving of the yards, and proper provision made for improved
surface drainage.
Dust-bins have been provided for 119 houses; additional windows
have been put in the back wall of 21 houses to improve the ventilation,
and 10 houses that had been the seat of contagious disease were
thoroughly lime-washed.
These improvements have not been confined to any particular locality
but distributed all over the parish; new sewers have been put into
Thomas-street, Hackney-road, and Maria-street, where there were a
number of houses that had not previously the means of drainage, these
have been drained into the new sewers and greatly improved.
The number of sanitary works executed since the establishment of
the Vestry, are as follows: 3,206 cesspools have been abolished, 4,731
proper water closets have been erected in the place of open privies, and
all properly drained to the sewers, 2397 houses have been cleansed and
repaired, 895 dust-bins have been provided, and 186 houses have had
an additional window put in to improve the ventilation.
During the year, 6 complaints were made of pigs being kept so as
to be a nuisance or injurious to health. Notices were given to the
owners of the premises to have them removed which in every case was


New Cases of Disease coming under Treatment of the Poor-Law Surgeons, during the Year1864.

Small Pox.Measles.Scarlatina.Whooping Cough.Erysipelas.Influenza.Diarrhoea.Cholera.Continued Fever (Typhus & Typhoid).Rheumatism.Syphilis.Alcoholism.Scurvy.Cancer.Scrofula.Phthisis.Brain Disease.Heart Disease.Bronchitis.Pneumonia.Lung Disease.Stomach Disease.Kidney Disease.Femalo Diseases.Skin Diseases.Accidents.All Diseases.
Mr. COLLIER1543 5352511...71...1373831...2334911412532......5415999
St. Leonards.i
Dr. BURCHELL74234186...87...1314153...1...23951781132511334211413
Hoxton New Town.
Dr. GRIFFITHS ,,,76376199...67...195301.........126133135334232154871447
Hoxton Old Town.
Dr. LEONARD33430210...70171295...3...421526S119...152313885
Haggerstone West.
Dr. WALLACE4791118182126...43259...11515123101216912127161475
Haggerstone. East
Dr. GREENWOOD1342532118295...1952842......3325411447364...203741610
Totals4930333993724516177219127644461664518637119t 11721579173767829
Dr. Leonard aiid Dr. Wallace came into Office at Lady-day, 1864; the figures attached to their districts consequently represent the work of three quarters only.