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Mitcham 1961

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Mitcham]


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    Live Births.TotalMaleFemaleRate per 1,000 of population
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    Percentage of Births Occurring in Institutions
    YearTotal birthsBirths in hospitals, etc.Percentage of births occurring in institutions
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    The birth rates, death rates per 1,000 of population, and the infant mortality rates for the years 1942-1961 are shown in the following table: —
    YearBirths per 1,000 populationDeaths per 1,000 populationInfant Mortality per 1,000 live births
    MITCHAMEngland & WalesMITCHAMEngland & WalesMITCHAMEngland & Wales
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    Infant Mortality During the year 17 deaths were registered of infants under one year of age: —
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    Deaths of Infants under One Year of Age The following table shows the principal causes of death in the various age groups: —
    AgeNo.Cause of Death
    PrematurityCongenital DefectsAccidents of birthInfectious conditionsOther conditions
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    The following table shows the results of the findings of these inquests: —
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    Deaths Registered During the Year 1961
    Cause of DeathMalesFemalesTotal
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    Birth Rates, Death Rates, Analysis of Mortality and Notifications of Infectious Diseases in the Year 1961
    England and WalesMitcham
    Rates per 1,000 home population
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    Unsound Food Dealt With
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    One thousand seven hundred and eleven inspections were made of food premises other than slaughterhouses. The premises were on the whole satisfactory with some minor adjustments necessary. Food premises by type of business.
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    Food premises by type, registered under Section 16, Food and Drugs Act, 1955.
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    FOOD AND DRUGS ACT, 1955 Formal Samples.
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    Tea Cup Swabs.
    Colony Count (per cup).Conform Bacilli.Bact. Coli Type I.Result
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    Beer Glass Swabs.
    Colony Count (per glass).Conforms Bacilli.Bact. Coli Type I.Result
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    Carcases and Offal Inspected and Condemned in Whole or in Part.
    Cattle, excluding cowsCowsCalvesSheep and LambsPigs
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    FACTORIES ACT, 1937 1.—Inspections for purposes of provisions as to health (including inspections made by Public Health Inspectors): —
    Premises (1)M/c line No. (2)Number on Register (3)Number ofM/c line No. (7)
    Inspections (4)Written notices (5)Occupiers prosecuted (6)
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    2.—Cases in which defects were found: —
    ParticularsM/c line No.Number of cases in which defects were foundNumber of cases in which prosecutions were institutedM/c line No.
    To H.M. InspectorBy H.M. Inspector
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    3.—Outwork (Sections 110 and 111): —
    Nature of Work (1)M/c line No. (2)Section 110Section 111M/c line No. (9)
    Number of out-workers in August list required by Sect. 110 (1) (c) (3)Number of cases of default in sending lists to the Council (4)Number of prosecutions for failure to supply lists (5)Number of instances of work in unwholesome premises (6)Notices served (7)Prosecutions (8)
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    3.—Outwork (Sections 110 and 111) continued :—
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    The monthly incidence of infectious disease was: —
    SmallpoxScarlet FeverDiphtheriaTyphoid FeverErysipelasPneumoniaPuerperal PyrexiaOphthalmia NeonatorumDysenteryMeningococcal InfectionsPoliomyelitis ParalyticPoliomyelitis Non-ParalyticMeaslesWhooping CoughFood PoisoningParatyphoidMalariaAcute Encephalitis InfectiveAcute Encephalitis Post-InfectiousTotals
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    Infectious Disease Notifications, 1942/61
    Disease1942194319441945194619471.1.48 to 4.7.485.7.48 to 31.12.481949195019511952195319541955195619571958195919601961
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    The following table shows the number vaccinated during the year:—
    Age at date of vaccinationUnder 112-45-1415 or overTotal
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    Whooping cough immunisation is not carried out in schools as it is intended primarily for children under five years old.
    Number of children receiving:—Year of Birth
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    given, for the first time this year, starting with the age group 5-11 years.
    Numbers vaccinated in 1961
    Primary coursesThird injectionsFourth injections
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    The site distribution for 1961 was as follows:—
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    The following table shows the number of deaths from cancer, together with the death rate as compared with England and Wales:—
    Year.Numbers of Deaths.Death Rate per 1,000 of population _ 1
    Mitcham.England and Wales.
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    Deaths in Mitcham from Leukjemia and Lung Cancer, 1952-1961
    Year.Deaths from Leukaemia.Deaths from Lung Cancer.
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    Tuberculosis During the year 21 new cases of tuberculosis were notified, viz:—
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    Twenty-one cases were transferred into the Borough as follows:—
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    The total number of deaths from tuberculosis was:—
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    The following table showing the number of cases, the type of disease and the deaths from tuberculosis during the year:-
    Age PeriodsNew CasesDeaths
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    New cases coming to the knowledge of the Medical Officer of Health during the year through death returns and posthumous notifications:—
    Age Periods0-1-2-5-10-15-20-25-35-45-55-65-75-Total
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    The sources from which information as to the above-mentioned cases was obtained are as follows:—
    Number of Cases
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    The following figures were supplied by the Medical Director of the unit, Dr. F. T. H. Walters.