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    attendance at these is approximately 18) and to a club run by the psychiatric department of one of the London teaching hospitals, which has a weekly attendance of 40 and above. Another psychiatric hospital holds its club in one of the Council's health

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    T able (i) — Sources of referral of all cases
    Mentally illSubnormal and severely subnormalTotal
    With a view to hospital admissionCommunity care
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    subnormal Total With a view to hospital admission Community care No. % No. % No. % No. % Psychiatric hospital or ward 467 81 398 283 104 9.5 969 11.7 Psychiatric out-patient clinic or day hospital 147 2.6 67 4.8 7 0.6 221 2.7 Psychiatrist at general ward,

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    hospital staffs has been hampered to some extent by the location of the psychiatric hospitals, most of which are a long way from their London catchment areas. The future provision of psychiatric beds in general hospitals would not only be of benefit

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    referred to the medical officer concerned. Referrals from General Practitioners. Very few cases of the above type have as yet been referred to the Psychiatric Social Worker by the general practitioners. The Psychiatric Social Worker, as

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    Individual conferences with Health. Visitors. Psychiatric Club, Owing to the lack of suitable patients the Psychiatric Cltib was suspended in August. It is hoped that in the future, given sufficient suitable patients, the Psychiatric Club

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    The following details relate to the work of the Psychiatric Social Worker:-
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    Number of Psychiatric Interviews:
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    December, 1968 153 Number of Home Visits: Psychiatric Social Worker 106 Educational Psychologists — Other Staff — Social Worker made 18 visits to different outside agents. Number of School Visits: Psychiatric Social Worker 14 Educational

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    Admissions to Psychiatric Hospitals
    QuarterTotal ReferredUnder Mental Health ActInformal with Psychiatric Consultation
    EmergencyWith Psychiatric Consultation
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    qualified psychiatric social worker, and during the year two university graduates with appropriate postgraduate diplomas joined the staff. Another member of staff, appointed on 1st April, is a psychiatric nurse of considerable experience who

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    61 Admissions to Psychiatric Hospitals Quarter Total Referred Under Mental Health Act Informal with Psychiatric Consultation Emergency With Psychiatric Consultation 31st Jan to 31st March 24 22 2 Nil 1st April to 30th

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    Supervision and Advice 15 P.S.W. 12 Remedial Coaching 4 Regular Psychiatric Treatment (cases still open) 10 Closed after Psychiatric Treatment 10 Psychiatric Treatment waiting list, December 31st 27 147 Cases seen 1943/45 and dealt with in

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    TABLE I.—Analysis of 1946 figures
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    Clinic Psychologist's school visits 31 Psychiatric Social Worker's school visits 24 Psychiatric Social Worker's home visits 64 Psychiatric Social Worker's foster home visits 17 Psychiatric Social Worker's other visits 44 Cases newly referred

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    responsible for the after-care of patients requiring support for a very long period, due to their incomplete recovery or domestic problems. The Psychiatric Social Worker also attends once a week at the Psychiatric Out-patient Clinic, and this establishes

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    employed by the Council and at Goodmayes Hospital work in the closest co-operation. Case discussion and the attendance of the Council's Psychiatric Social Worker at the Psychiatric Clinic which is run by the hospital has proved to be of the

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    28.9.53. With the addition of another Child Therapist, Mrs. P. Cohen, B.A. who commenced duties on 2.11.53, the clinic staff were organised into two psychiatric teams, each consisting of a psychiatrist, psychologist, psychiatric social worker

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    Number of attendances at Clinic (parents and children):-
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    psychiatric hospitals. These are:— Shenley Hospital, St. Albans Acton area Springfield Hospital, Upper Tooting Ealing area St. Bernard's Hospital, Southall Southall area In addition, Central Middlesex Hospital and West Middlesex Hospital

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    and interviews 3,330 392 3,722 Compulsory admissions to psychiatric hospitals by mental health social workers .. 217 1 S.25 2S.60 220 Informal admissions to psychiatric hospitals arranged and conducted by mental health social workers

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    Table 4 work of mental health social workers for ten months to 31 st december, 1965
    Mental illnessSubnormalTotal
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    Four psychiatric social workers were employed full-time to interview and advise persons suffering from psychiatric illness needing help with their personal problems. During the year 268 new cases were referred from the following sources :
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    workers were employed full-time to interview and advise persons suffering from psychiatric illness needing help with their personal problems. During the year 268 new cases were referred from the following sources : 1955 1954 General practitioners

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    treatment at 31st December 133 45 50 82 310 Discharged 139 48 79 114 380 No. of follow-ups 7 — 20 — 27 No. of home visits by psychiatric social worker 15 14 7 47 83 No. of school visits by staff 38 78 114 105 335 Disposal of patients Treatment completed 52 20 33

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    Persons Males Females Males Females N.H.S. hospitals other than psychiatric. 2 54 7 47 7 35 Other hospitals, other than psychiatric. 1 16 3 13 3 9 Psychiatric hospitals (N.H.S. and other). 1 314 4 310 - 299 Homes only for old persons. 10 317 69 248

    Table on page 75
    Number of InstitutionsTotal PopulationInmates only
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    shll be able to get a domiciliary and community Psychiatric Nursing Service off the ground. This in part will make up for the difficulties that have arisen of late in the provision of adequate psychiatric social work services, and it is sad to

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    discharged. Close co-operation with the psychiatric hospitals and the psychiatric day centre has been encouraging. The Senior Psychiatric Social Worker and two mental welfare officers have made regular attendances at the Cumberland Hospital

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    Psychiatric Social Worker—Interviews and Visits
    InterviewsHome VisitsOther Calls
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    patients live—to psychiatric units in general hospitals, to day hospitals and to out-patient departments. Lewisham is not, unfortunately, very high on the list of areas likely to acquire a psychiatric unit in the near future, but the establishment

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    homes to ensure the co-operation of the parents during out-of-school hours. Miss G. Clarkson and Miss P. Winterbottom, two of the psychiatric social workers allocated to schools for maladjusted children, write : The psychiatric social worker

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    problems are found to have a psychiatric cause. The extent to which the advice of the Council's psychiatric social workers is being sought in this way has not been recorded in the figures below, which include only those cases interviewed personally

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    occupational, social or personal problems associated with potential psychiatric breakdown or following psychiatric treatment are referred to the Council's psychiatric social workers. Particulars of the cases needing such help are given

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    problem families and arrangements have been made for the psychiatric social workers employed in the Council's mental health service to provide, with the knowledge and consent of the general practitioner concerned, care and after-care

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    Psychologist's interviews at Clinic 157 Psychiatric Social Worker's interviews at Clinic 265 Psychiatric Social Worker's Home Visits 51 Psychiatric Social Worker's School Visits 7 Psychiatric Social Worker's Other Visits 80 Remedial Coaching

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    teaching Diploma of the National Association for Mental Health. Work Undertaken by the Psychiatric Social Worker. The work of the Psychiatric Social Worker has continued steadily throughout the year and most of the cases were referred from

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    During the year 330 new cases of persons suffering from psychiatric illness were referred for help in domestic, social and unemployment problems from the following sources:
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    additional psychiatric social worker on 1st January, 1954. Three psychiatric social workers were employed full time on these important duties throughout the year. They were based at the County Hall, and each dealt with all cases in one area of the

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    schools and residential establishments A new boarding special school for maladjusted children—Pine End—was opened by the Education Officer and arrangements were made for it to be visited by a psychiatrist and a psychiatric social worker.

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    TABLE 4 Number of interviews during 1947—Psychiatrists and Psychiatric Social Workers
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    Psychiatric sessions during the year, four sessions weekly having been worked, but since June, 1947, Dr. Helen Gillespie has acted as Psychiatrist for two of the four sessions. In August 1947 Mrs. E. Kelly resigned her appointment as Psychiatric

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    interviews during 1947—Psychiatrists and Psychiatric Social Workers Psychiatrists— Diagnostic interviews 99 Treatment interviews 438 Group — 4 children 10 Psychiatric Social Workers— Interviews 722 Home visits 174 Others 44 Waiting List,

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    rehabilitative service. Next year another psychiatric social club will be formed at the Lutheran Church Hall, Tottenham, N.15. This will be in conjunction with the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association and the mental welfare officers, and various

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    Illness Visits made by mental welfare officers 5,372 Compulsory admissions to psychiatric hospitals by mental welfare officers 194 Informal admissions to psychiatric hospitals by mental welfare officers 167 (b) Mental Subnormality Visits

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    Psychiatrists Consultant psychiatrists from the area's Catchment Psychiatric Hospitals and Psychiatric Units at the North Middlesex,Prince of Wales's.Whittington and Halliwick Hospitals provide out-patient psychiatric and domiciliary

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    cars to and from the psychiatric hospitals. The psychiatric social workers are largely concerned with the after-care and rehabilitation of persons discharged after undergoing treatment either in hospitals or at out-patient clinics but

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    Roubicek. STATISTICS Interviews at Clinic - Psychiatric 528 Psychologist's 385 Psychiatric Social Worker's 556 Interviews outside the Clinic - School visits by Psychologist 20 School visits by Psychiatric Social Worker 25 Home visits by Psychiatric

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    The nature of the work at the child guidance clinic and the direction in which it hoped to progress have been fully dealt with in the report for the previous year. Statistics for the year 1948 amply illustrate the subsequent development.
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    ambulance if necessary. AFTER CARE. After 5th July the main after-care work was continued by the Psychiatric Social Worker of Goodmayes Mental Hospital. The Psychiatric Social Club, operated from premises in the borough,, was taken over by the

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