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West Ham 1948

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for West Ham]

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The Inception of the National Health Service in July 1948 did not disturb the routine
of clinic activities but as the year progressed it became more and more evident that some reorganisation
and increase of psychiatric sessions was necessary if the waiting list was to be

The nature of the work at the child guidance clinic and the direction in which it hoped to progress have been fully dealt with in the report for the previous year. Statistics for the year 1948 amply illustrate the subsequent development.

STAFF: Psychiatrists:Dr. Somerville
Dr. Matheson
Dr. Riordan
Dr. Glancy
Dr. Easton
Psychologists:Miss Stephen(left March 1948)
Mrs. Laws(January 1948- July 194-8)
Miss Frankford(since June 1948)
Psychiatric Social Worker:Miss Roubicek.
Interviews at Clinic -
Psychiatric Social Worker's556
Interviews outside the Clinic -
School visits by Psychologist20
School visits by Psychiatric
Social Worker25
Home visits by Psychiatric Social Worker60
Cases carried over from previous years94
Cases newly referred144
Never attended33
Attended for testing only3
Diagnosis & Advice only37
Tested awaiting Diagnosis2
Under treatment27
Diagnosed awaiting treatment4
Awaiting diagnosis75
Closed adjusted or improved27
Closed before end of treatment30
Special Recommendations -
Notification to M.D.Authority2
Educationally Subnormal School5
Hostel or Boarding School for maladjusted children4
Hospital observation and treatment3
Reports to Juvenile Court6
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