London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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City of London 1866

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for London, City of]


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    Death-rate per 1,000 of the Population in various Cities in 1866 and 1867.
    Number of Persons per acre.Death-rate in 1866.Death-rate in 1867.
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    The chief causes of death during the year are shown in Table No. V. of the Appendix, and they may be thus expressed:—
    1867.Average of Ten Years.
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    Weekly Mortality from Cholera in London and in the City during the Epidemic of 1866.
    Weeks ending Saturday (1866).Number of Deaths from Cholera.
    In London. Pop. 8,087,991.In the City. Pop. 114,472.
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    The distribution of the deaths in the City was as follows:—
    Deaths from
    Cholera.Choleraic Diarrhœa.Total.
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    Mortality from Cholera per 10,000 of the population in the Epidemics of 1849, 1854, and 1866.
    Epidemics of
  • Page 22
    Deaths from Cholera in the several Districts of London, per 10,000 of the population in 1849, 1854 and 1866.
    Districts.Average height in feet above high water.Epidemics of
  • Page 23
    Mortality from Cholera in London, per 10,000 of the population at different elevations above Trinity high water mark.
    Elevation in feet above Trinity High Water.Epidemics of
    1849.1854.East & South-East Districts, 1866.Mean.
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    Average Mortality per 10,000 from Cholera, in rich and poor districts of London.
    Districts.Cholera Deaths per 10,000 (1849,1854, and 1866).Average Elevation above Trinity high water (feet).
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    Classification of the deaths from Cholera daily recorded in London from July the 8th to September the 1st, inclusive 1866).
  • Page 44
    Mean Temperature, Humidity and Rainfall of the quarters of the year , 1866, compared with the averages of the last nine years.
    Quarter endingTemperature.Humidity Saturation = 100.Rainfall.Number of Wet Days.
    1866.Averages of 9 yrs.1860.Averages of 9 yrs.1866.Averages of 9 yrs.1866.Averages of 9 yrs.
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    No. I.- Enumeration of Births, Deaths, and Marriages in each of the City Unions for the Year ending September 1867, and a Comparison with the Averages of the last Ten Years.
    Quarters ending.East London Union.West London Union.City of London Union.Entire City.
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    No. II.— Annual Enumeration of Births for the Year ending September 1867.
    Births in tub Four Quarters.Total.East London Union.West London Union.City of London Union.
    Saint Botolph.Cripple-gate.Total.North.South.Total.s. w.N. W.South.S. E.N. E.Total.
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    No. III.— Annual Enumeration of Deaths for the Year ending September 1867.
    Deaths in the Four Quarters.Total.East London Union.West London Union.City of London Union.
    Saint Botolph.Cripple-gate.Workhouse.North.South.Workhouse.s. w.N. W.South.S. E.N. E.Workhouse.
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    No. IV.— Classification of Deaths in the City Unions according to Age, for the Year ending September 1867, and a Comparison with the Averages of the last Ten Years.
    City Districts.Total.Under 1.Under 5.5 to 10.10 to 15.15 to 20.20 to 30.30 to 40.40 to 50.50 to 60.60 to 70.70 and over.
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    No. V.— Classification of Deaths according to Causes, during the Year 1867, and a Comparison with the Averages of the last Ten Years.
    City Districts and PopuLation in 1861.Violence, Privation, Premature Birth, and Poison.Tubercular Diseases.Convulsions and Teething.Zymotic Diseases.Pneumonia, Bronchitis, and Asthma.Others, chiefly chronic.Total.
    Phthisis.Tabes and Scrofula.Hydrocephalus.AlvineFlux.Con. tinued Fever.Scarlet-Fever.Small-Pox.Measles.Whoop-ing Cough Croup, & Diphtheria.Erysipelas.
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    No. VI.— Meteorology of the City of London for each Month in the Year ending in September 1867' from Observations made at the Engineer's Office, Guildhall, under the direction of Mr. Haywood.
    MONTHS. 1866.67.Barometer.Dry Thermometer.Wet Thermometer or Hygrometer.Rain Gauges.
    Mean Pressure.Highest Pressure.Lowest Pressure.Mean Temperature.Highest Temperature.Lowest Temperature.Mean Daily Range.Mean Temperature.Dew Point.Degree of Humidity.Weight of vapour in cubic foot of air.Vapour required to saturate ditto.Total Fall.Greatest Fall.Lowest Fall.
    Wet Bulb.Dry Bulb.On Roof.On Grnd.On Roof.On Grnd.On Roof.On Grnd.
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    No. VII.— Account of the Sanitary Work performed in the City during the Year 1867.
    Quarters Ending.Number of Houses Inspected.Number of Houses requiring Amendment.Total Number of Orders Issued for Sanitary Improvement.PARTICULARS OF THE ORDERS ISSUED.Number of Ships Inspected.Number of Orders Issued for Improvement of Ships.
    For Cleansing and Lime-whiting Rooms.For Erecting and Repairing Dust Bins.For Paving Cellars and Yards.For Amending the Water Supply.For Removing Cess-pools.For Amending Sinks & Drains.For Removing Waste-Water.For Cleansing & Repairing Privies.For Improving the Ventilation.For Abating Smoke.For Removing Animals Improperly Kept.Sundry other Sanitary Orders.
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    No. VIII.— Quarterly Account of the Meat condemned in the City Markets during the year 1867, and comparison with the Averages of the last Six Years.
    Newgate Market.Aldgate Market.Leadenhall Market.Total.
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    No. IX.— Quarterly account of the Fish condemned by the Fish-meters in Billingsgate Market, during the Year 1867.
    Quarter ending Dec. 1866.Quarter ending March 1867.Quarter ending June 1867.Quarter ending Sept. 1867.Entire Year.
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    Table A.— Showing the mortality from Cholera in the several Districts of London during the Epidemic of 1832-3, 1848-9, 1854, and 1866; as well as the Elevation above Trinity High Water Mark, and the density of the Population in 1866.
    Districts.Deaths from Cholera per 10,000 population.Elevation in feet above Trinity. High Water.Number of Persons per Statute Acre (1866).