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City of London 1866

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for London, City of]

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The chief causes of death during the year are shown in Table No. V. of the Appendix, and they may be thus expressed:—

1867.Average of Ten Years.
Tabes and Scrofula115174
Convulsions and Teething115159
Alvine disorders of Adults4334
Do. Do. Children6067
Continued Fever70107
Whooping-cough, Croup, &c.70159
Pneumonia and Bronchitis341473
Violence and Privation160156
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So that the deaths from tubercular diseases have
fallen from an average of 593 in the year to 469;
Zymotic diseases from 586 to 329, and inflammatory
diseases of the lungs from 473 to 341. The
most notable of these reductions is in the case of
continued fever, where the number has fallen from
107 in the year to 70. It is also remarkable in
the cases of scarlet-fever, measles and whoopingcough,
where the mortality has been considerably
less than half the usual proportion; in every case,
indeed, it is the smallest on record, and it indicates
a large improvement in the sanitary condition of
the people.

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