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Lambeth 1871

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Lambeth]


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    Statement of Works executed under the direction of the Sewers Committee during the year ending 25th March, 1872.
  • Page 12
    Made on 69 occas ions, daring the year 1871-72.
    Gas COMPANIES.No. of occasions Gas tested.Where tested.Average Illuminating power.Tests for purity, Ammonia Sulphuretted Hydrogen.
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    TABLE I. RETURN showing the Number and Nature of Nuisances attended to in the Parish of SAINT MART, LAMBETH, from the 12th MARCH, 1671, to the 23rd March. 1872. (52 weeks.)
    ises in i un-lasome tate ansed.Houses with bad drainage, drained.Cesspools ernptied or adolished.Obstructed drains remedied.Defective or ontrapped drams remedied.Foul Urineis clennsed or remedied.Accumulations ofSwrna Removed.Obstructed or un trap' cd Games remedied.Dust bins provided.Water supply provided or improved.Offensive smells in houses abated.Closes provided. or improved.Yards paved or lime-washed.
    Dest removed.Duns rernoved.No. of Cases.No. of Pigs
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    TABLE IT. Shewing the number of Births and Deaths registered in each District of Lambeth during each quarter of the year 1870
    districts.First QuarterSecond Quarter.Third Quarter.Fourth Quarter.The YearDeaths in Public Institutions and Workhouse.
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    TABLE III. Shews the Deaths from Epidemic Diseases In the whole Pariah, and each of its Sub-Districts for the year 1871.
    Total Deaths from all causes.DISTRICTS.small Pox.measlles.Scarlet Fever.Dlptherla.Whooping Cough.Fevers: Typhold, Typhus, simple continued.Plarrhœa.Cholera.Total (Epldemic) Diseases.)
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    TABLE IV. Shows the Number of Cases of Illness arising from Epidemic Diseases attended by the Poor Law Medical Officers, during each Quarter of the Year, 1871 .
    Small Pox.Measles.Scarlet Fever.Whooping Cough.Fevers.Diarrhoea.Total Epidemic Diseases.
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    GENERAl PURPOSES ACCOUNT. In respect of the Year Ending 25 th March, 1871.
    1871. gtrcipts.1871. Sagmrnts.
    March 25th.£s.d.March 25th.£s.d.
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    In respect of the Yec Ending Zbth March, 1872.
    Cash Account.Monies Owit to the VestryCash Account.Debts and Liabilities.
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    ABSTRACT OF ACCOUNT OF GENERAL PURPOSES (Continued.) In respect of the Year Ending 25th March,1872.
    March 25th, 1872Cash Acconnt.Monies Owing to the VestryMarch 25th, 1872.Cash Account.Debts and Liabilities
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    GENERAL PURPOSES ACCOUNT (Continued.) Special Iiabilities on Account of Paving Works. To Balance of Mortgages repayable with 5 per cent
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    March 25th, 1872.March 25th, 1872. expenbitur£s.d
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    LIGHTING ACCOUNT. Tnrespect of the Year Ending "25th March, 1871.I
    871. March 25th,£S.d.1871.£s.d.
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    LIGHTING ACCOUNT (Continued.)
    March 25th 1872.Cuh Account.Monlc* owing to the Vcatry.March 25th. 1872.Cash Account.Debts and Liabilities
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    GENERAL SUMMARY- Of Expendditure by Vestry far the year ended the 25th March, 1872, including liabilities to that date.
  • Page 38
    Summary Statement of all Contracts entered into by the Vestry, from 25th March, 1871, to 25 th March, 1872; the pre-paration of such Contracts being executed by the Clerk of the Vesfry.
    Henry BoothpavingOne Year Cading 25th March,1872
  • Page 40
    LAMBETH BURIAL BOARD. Cash Statement from 1st April, 1871, to 30th March, 1872.