London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Lambeth 1871

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Lambeth]

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RETURN showing the Number and Nature of Nuisances attended to in the Parish of SAINT MART, LAMBETH, from the 12th MARCH, 1671, to the 23rd March. 1872. (52 weeks.)

ises in i un-lasome tate ansed.Houses with bad drainage, drained.Cesspools ernptied or adolished.Obstructed drains remedied.Defective or ontrapped drams remedied.Foul Urineis clennsed or remedied.Accumulations ofSwrna Removed.Obstructed or un trap' cd Games remedied.Dust bins provided.Water supply provided or improved.Offensive smells in houses abated.Closes provided. or improved.Yards paved or lime-washed.
Dest removed.Duns rernoved.No. of Cases.No. of Pigs
animal and getable natter emovedTisde Vuisances abated.Ventile tion pro vided or improved.Smoke Nuisanres analed.Dangerous Nusanoes abated.I hagal slaugh terius sheep, &c.Unwholesoile Fish destroyed.Unwholesomo bleat soiled.Total Number of Nulsances attended to.Number of Slaughter Inspected.Number of Cow Houses Inspected.Number or Bakehouses Inspected.Number of Notices Served.Number of Summonses and Orders, Issued.
No. of .No. or Fist.No. of C '09.Quantity
4412794363121309334┬Żlbs and 82 Rabbits.243010495221 |101764