London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Lambeth 1871

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Lambeth]

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No. 3, or BISHOP'S WARD.
RicnABP Butrbridoe. 3G. Lnmbeth Walk
Edward Terry, 54, Lnmbeth Walk
TnoMAS Rd. Lewis, 17. Loughboro' Villa?, Brixton (Peceawd)
Henry Doulton, High Street, Lambeth
Robert A. D. Bain, Albert Embankment
James Saxby Jarvis, 11, Union Place, Lambeth Road
James Stiff, High Street, Lambeth
Georoe William Barnard, 195. Kennington Road
John William Stratton, 15, Regent Street
Thomas Cox, 26, Lnmbeth Walk
John Cairn, 130, Princes Road
Henry Baker, 34, Grove Roal, Brixton
No. 4, or PRINCE'S WARD.
Joiin Bennett, 1G3, Lower Kennington Lano
Thomas Giles, 148, Kennington Park Road
Henry White, 262, Kennington Road
Charles Hearson, 214, Upper Kennington Lano
William Henry Forman, 205, Kennington Road
Edward Joseph Paoe, 188, Kennington Park Road
Thomas Sharpley, 194, Upper Kennington Lano
Frederick France, 803, Kennington Road
Thomas Norton, 212, Upper Kennington Lano
Thomas Spratley, 2, Vauxhall Cross
Charles White, 2G2, Kennington Road
Charles M. Barker, 12, Kennington Pnrk Road
Walter Wildish, 179, Lower Kennington Lane
William Edward Jones, 84, Upper Kennington Lar
Henry Kemshead, 4G, Lower Kennington Lane
William KicnARD Ward. 43. Clapham Road
Francis Hayman Fowler, The Lodgo, Brixton Oval
Amos Cave, 109, Camberwell New Road
Stanley Ebsworth 34, Clapham Road
Edward Kino, 7, Clapham Koad
William Reddish, 148, Clapham Road
Frkdk. Close, 32, Thorne Kd., South Lnmbeth Ro
William Burrttp,5, Winterslow Place, Vassall Roac
John William Drake, 123, Clapham Road
Frederick Nash, 349, Wandsworth Rood
Georoe J. Tear, 12, Clapham Road
George Philip Kitgg. 328, South Lambeth Road
Edward Ralph, 93, Clapham Road
George J. Marshall, 42, Clapham Road
Alexander Wilson, Enmore Lodge, Jeffery's Ron
Frederick Dean, 3G1, Wandsworth Road
Perc? Matthew Hart, 232, South Lambeth Koa
Joseph E. Cox, 37, Richmond Terrace
William T. Hendry, 248, South Lambeth Road
Robert K. Bukstall, 337, Clapham Road
William M. Symons, 10, South Lambeth Road
Charles William Andrew, 22, Brixton Road
John MacKinlay, 22, Albert Square
AVilliam Thomas Marsh, 198, Clapham Road.


Cash Statement from 1st April,1871,to30thMarch,1872.

1 o Balance Brought forward1,188107By Cosh—Wages, Grave Digging, &c,45453
To Cash Interment Fees2,41936
„ Goods, Repairs, &c99146
„ Turfing Graves12400
„ Printing, Sstationery Stationery, and Postage37146
,, Still Born Inteerments35136„ Salaries157100
„ Purchase of Graves30053,, ( «»arli 11 liv, and Ihnrd s Expenses4910
„ Grants of Graves24150„ Rates, Taxes, and Insurance43179
„ Certificatess of Burial17511„ Petty Disbursements894
„ Sundry Charges5960„ Old Buriad Ground7155
One Year's Grass at Cemetery1000„ Returned Fees21150
„ Commutation in Lieu of Fees on Burials15000
„ Towards repayment of Loans90000
Minister's Fees:—
St. Mary's District425116
St John's „35110
St Mark's ..6390
v. A »i j • • • • St. Matthew's „\JKJ 3180
St Luke's „6 I v40
Minister, Unconsecrated Ground157160
Balance— Dejxxsit Account1,00000
,, Current Account512117
„ In hands of Clerk16511
£4,178 1199£,4,178199