London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Lambeth 1871

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Lambeth]

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March 25th, 1872.March 25th, 1872. expenbitur£s.d
To Balance last Audit, brought forward2,018710By Sewer Works under Special Contract3,878140
Balance1,93798Wages for Weekly Labour,7736
Special Liabilities on Account of Sewer Works.
To Balance of Mortgages, repayable with 5 per cent Interest by yearly instalments of 5 Per cent31,41000
„ Mortgages repayable with 4¾ per cent. Interest est by Yearly Instalment of 5 Pr cent15 25000
,, Mortgages, repayable with 5 per cent Interest by Yearly Instalments of £3 6s 8d. per cent11,266134
,, Mortgages repayable with 4½ per cent Interest, by Yearly Instalments of 5 per cent8,40000
,, Mortgages repayable with 4^ per cent Interest, by Yearly Instalments of £3 6s. 8d. Per ceut8,7000


Tnrespect of the Year Ending "25th March,1871.I

871. March 25th,£S.d.1871.£s.d.
March 25th.3 10901
To Balance last Audit4,29144By gass Companiesss Carriage Hire and Committee Expenses1886
In respect of the Year
March 25th, 1872.Cash Accoumt.Monies owing tO the Vestry.Ending 25th March, 1872.Cash Account.Debts and Liabilities.
March 25th 1872.
To Balance brought forward, 1,163159By Gas Companies9,5581203,144199
Cash of Oversees on precopt12,00000Repairs to ph
Carried on£13,163159