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Lambeth 1871

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Lambeth]

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which it will be seen that there were in Waterloo Road, First
Part District, 541 Births, and 337 Deaths, during the year;
in the Waterloo Road, Second Part, 951 Births, and 449 Deaths;
in Lambeth Church, First Part, 734 Births, and 670 Deaths, in
Lambeth Church, 2nd Part, 1608 Births, and 1093 Deaths; (289 of
which occurred in the Workhouse;) in the Kennington, First
Part, 1429 Births, and 795 Deaths; in the Kennington, Second
Part, 1007 Births, and 5G8 Deaths; in the Brixton District, 1132
Births, and 1323 Deaths, (of which 663 died in the Small Pox and
Fever Hospitals, Stockwell;) and in the Norwood District, 456
Births, and 194 Deaths,
The mortality of Lambeth does not at first sight compare as
favourably this year, with that of the whole of the Metropolis, as
it has hitherto done; this is attributable to the numbers who have
died in the several public institutions, especially at the Small Pox
and Fever Hospitals, Stockwell. The greater proportion of these
were strangers, not belonging to, or ever residing in the district,
brought from all parts of London and the country, and should
therefore be fairly excluded from our death-rate; they amount in
number to 600, deducting these from the total of deaths, our
mortality will still continue to bear favourable comparison with
that of London generally, which was at the rate of 24 per
1000, whilst that of Lambeth was 23 per 1000.
The most healthy districts were as usual those of Brixton, Kennington
(1st and 2nd parts), and Norwood; as regards Brixton,
a casual observer would be startled at finding that the Death
Rate as it appears in the Registrar General's Returns, gives a
mortality of 37.34 per 1000 per annum, which if it were actually
the case would end in a rapid extinction of the inhabitants of that
district, the deaths being 198 more than the births; but on
carefully looking into the matter we find that the deaths at
the Stockwell Hospital account for this high rate of mortality,

Made on 69 occas ions, daring the year 1871-72.

Gas COMPANIES.No. of occasions Gas tested.Where tested.Average Illuminating power.Tests for purity, Ammonia Sulphuretted Hydrogen.
The London.31The Vestry-hall, Kenning-ton.Equal to 14.87 Sperm Candles.Pure, except on two occasions, slight traces of ammonia.
The Pb├Žnix.31Ditto15.10 Sperm Candles.Pure,
The Crystal Palace District.7The Works, Lower Sydenham.14.60 Sperm Candles.Traces of ammonia on two occasions.