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Hillingdon 1971

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hillingdon]


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    Vital Statistics
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    Infant Deaths (under 1 year of age):
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    Infectious Diseases Dr. C. Lydon— Deputy Medical Officer of Health The following tables show the number of cases of infectious diseases notified to the department during 1971:
    DISEASESAges of Cases NotifiedTotalsDeaths
    Under One Year1 to 23 to 45 to 910 to 1415 to 2425 and Over1971197019711970
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    It is confidently expected that the incidence of measles in the community in future years will be considerably reduced and the pattern of the disease will continue to be reviewed with interest.
    Year7 96519667 9671968196919701971
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    The types of salmonella organisms identified during the year were as follows
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    Infectious diseases cases admitted to St. John's Hospital direct from Heathrow Airport (not notified on weekly return):
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    The incidence of tuberculosis in this country has decreased dramatically over the past twenty-five years, particularly in young adults among whom the highest notification rates used to occur. There has been an apparent slowing-down in the rate of decline in notifications of tuberculosis in young adults which some have suggested is associated with the reported high notification rates in young immigrants. From the age distribution of cases shown in the table on page 15, and from the nationality distribution shown below, it would not appear that infected young immigrants make a major contribution to the notified cases of tuberculosis in this area.
    NationalityNo. of cases notified
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    The following table indicates the incidence of pulmonary and non-pulmonary tuberculosis in those over and under twenty-five years of age over the past five years: Tuberculosis Notifications 1967-71
    YearUnder 25 yearsOver 25 yearsTotal
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    The following are the returns made to this department in respect of residents of the Borough by physicians in charge of centres for the treatment of venereal disease in the Greater London area:
    Totals all Venereal ConditionsSyphilisGonorrhoeaOther Genital InfectionsOther Conditions
    Primary and SecondaryOther
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    Admissions to St. John's Hospital, Uxbridge included:
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    The Annual Conference of the Association of Sea and Air Port Health Authorities was held in Southwark on 30th June, 1st and 2nd July, and was attended by the Chairman of the Health Committee, the Director of Health Services and the Principal Medical Officer.
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    Vaccinations against SmallpoxVaccinations against Cholera
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    For those with communication difficulties it is important that the children should be surrounded by speech to stimulate the desire to communicate before training in a special school is commenced.
    Category (handicap)Number
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    During 1971, 730 abortions were conducted at hospitals in Hillingdon. The aim of a public health service should be to prevent such unwanted pregnancies and so avoid the need for treatment which can be so traumatic to the personality and which is itself not without risk.
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    It is pleasing to record the grateful thanks of the department to the teams of cytologists and technicians who provide so much assistance with this work, and especially to those at Hillingdon Hospital who were under considerable pressure during the middle of the year.
    Elers RoadLaurel LodgeMinetNorth -woodRuislipYiewsleyIndustry
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    Number of Persons Treated
    By local AuthoritiesBy voluntary organisationsTotal
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    Number of Treatments
  • Page 45
    Talks given byNumber of talks givenAudience reachedTotal persons reached
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    This gives an acceptance figure of 81.7% which though high is less than last year (83.6% 1970). The figures for 1971 and the preceding three years are as follows in the table.
    YearChildren EligibleChildren TestedChildren VaccinatedChildren not Vaccinated (Heaf positive)Percentages
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    The following table gives details of persons placed on recuperative holidays during 1971 and the preceding four years.
    AdultsSchool Children
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    WATER SUPPLY The Borough is supplied with water from three water companies: Rickmansworth and Uxbridge Valley Water Company, who supply the major part of the Borough, Colne Valley Water Company, and South West Suburban Water Company, who supply part of Harlington. The results of chemical analysis of water from these three supplies are as follows:
    Colne Valley Water Co.Rickmansworth and Uxbridge Valley Water Co.South West Suburban Water Co.
    AppearanceClear and brightClear and brightClear and bright
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    The results of the bacteriological tests carried out on the various sources of water supply are given in the following table:
    Source of SupplySatisfactoryUnsatisfactoryTotal
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    The report is in the same form as that for 1970 and is divided into sections as follows:
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    Monthly Averages for Smoke and Sulphur Dioxide in Microgrammes per Cubic Metre for 1971
    Month76 High St., NorthwoodWest Mead Clinic, South RuislipColdharbour Lane, HayesGrange Park School, Lansbury Dr., HayesDragonfield, High Street, UxbridgeOak Farm School, Long Lane, HillingdonDrayton Hall, Station Rd. West Drayton
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    Continued from previous page...
    STATIONDate in operative Smoke Control AreaSmoke
    January 1971June 1971RatioJanuary
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    They may be divided as follows:
    Covered PoolsOpen Pools
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    Swimming Pool Samples
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    The following table gives details of the number of samples of raw milk taken and the results:
    Brucella Ring TestGuinea Pig InoculationT.T.C. Test
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    Both are regularly inspected and samples of milk and washed bottles together with churn rinses are taken and submitted to the Public Health Laboratory for examination, as a check of the effectiveness of the process and the efficiency of the cleaning methods.
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    The use of disposable packs is increasing and has done much to reduce the hygiene failures from this source.
    Churns and DippersDispensersMilk Packs
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    Premises registered and licensed Premises registered and licensed in accordance with the Milk and Dairies (General) Regulations, 1959 and the Milk (Special Designation) Regulations are as follows:
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    The results of all milk samples taken for the statutory tests are set out in the following table.
    Pasteurised— Phosphatase testSterilised— Turbidity testUHT— Colony CountUntreated— Methylene Blue test
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    The results of cream samples submitted for Methylene Blue test are as follows:
  • Page 71
    Ice Cream Results of ice cream samples:
  • Page 71
    Results of all samples taken:
    GradeNo. TakenPercentage
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    Details of the animals slaughtered and inspected together with the quantities of meat condemned and reasons for condemnation are set out in the following tables:
    Number of carcasses Inspected and CondemnedCattle excluding CowsCowsCalvesSheep and LambsPigs
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    Condemnation (All Causes)—Quantities pound weight:
  • Page 73
    period when visits are made to supervise and advise on hygienic practices. At the processing establishment birds which show evidence of disease on evisceration are retained for examination by the Public Health Inspector, in accordance with the recommendation of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food. Details of the poultry processed are given in the following table:
  • Page 73
    Unfit Food Surrendered
    Class of FoodWeight (lbs)
  • Page 74
    Examined by Public Analyst
    PRODUCTPROCUREDAdulterated, below standard or otherwise not complying with prescribed requirementsPRODUCTPROCUREDAdulterated, below standard or otherwise not complying with prescribed requirements
    Formally takenInformally takenFormally takenInformally takenFormally takenInformally takenFormally takenInformally taken
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    Samples Examined in the Departmental Laboratory
    FoodDepartmental (Chemical)Total
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    examined, of which 30 or 5-3% were classed as unsatisfactory. Details of the action taken regarding these samples are set out in the following tabie.
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    The complaints received are classified in the following tables:
    FoodForeign matterMouldOtherType of foreign body
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    Details of six prosecutions taken as a result of food complaints are set out in the following table. Further prosecutions are awaiting court hearings at the time of writing the report.
    OffenceStatuteTrade of DefendantFineCostsTotal
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    The various classes of food premises and businesses within the Borough are shown in the following table:
    Type of BusinessTotal number
  • Page 79
    Bacteriological Examination
    Type of FoodSatisfactorySuspiciousUnsatisfactoryTotal
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    awaiting hearing, two for contraventions under the General Regulations and one under the Markets, Stalls and Delivery Vehicles Regulations. Details of the prosecutions in 1971 are summarised below:
    StatuteNature of Business/ Occupation of DefendantFine and costsRemarks
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    at the port of entry increased rapidly during the year. Details of the imports examined and their country of origin are given below:
    ProductNo. of ContainersTonsCwtStonesLbsCountry of Origin
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    The action taken during the year is reported below in the following tables: Unfit Houses (not capable of repair at reasonable expense) (Housing Act, 1957)
  • Page 82
    Clearance Areas and Individual Unfit Dwellings Since the 1st April, 1965 the Council have made 49 Demolition Orders, 33 Closing Orders and declared 43 Clearance Areas.
  • Page 84
    The position at the end of 1971 in respect of the four Improvement Areas declared by the Borough is shown below:
    Area No.No. of Houses lacking amenities in the areaNo. improvedNo. still to be improvedRemarks
    owner/ occupiertenants willingtenants unwilling Suspended Notice
  • Page 86
    Details of Improvement Grant Applications received and given Grants in 1971 are as follows: Standard Grants
  • Page 87
    Improvement Grants (Discretionary)
  • Page 87
    Unfit Houses made Fit
  • Page 88
    Other Houses in which Defects were Remedied
  • Page 89
    Both the temporary and permanent site conditions are based on the Department of the Environment's model standards.
    Licensed Sites in the Borough
    Temporary LicensesPermanent Licenses
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    The following table shows the various types of premises and numbers employed.
    Class of PremisesNo. of Registered PremisesNo. of Registered Premises receiving one or more general inspections during the yearNo. of Persons Employed
  • Page 90
    various works as shown in the table below were served. Except where referred to in the paragraph on the legal proceeding the defects were remedied by informal action.
    DefectNumber of Premises
  • Page 91
    The accident due to an explosion occurred in an office when for photographic purposes an attempt was being made to create with chemicals the fog conditions so prevalent in the London Area before the advent of smoke control.
    Type of premisesNo. ReportedAction Recommended
    FatalNon-FatalProsecutionFormal WarningInformal Advice
  • Page 92
    PremisesNumber on registerNumber of
    InspectionsWritten noticesOccupiers prosecuted
  • Page 93
    ParticularsNumber of cases in which defects were foundNumber of cases in which prosecutions were instituted
    To H.M. InspectorBy H.M. Inspector
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    Details of the number of persons employed as out-workers and the types of place at which they are employed is set out below:
    Type of workNo. of out-workers
  • Page 96
    Details of toys sampled are given in the following table:
    Satisfactory ToysUnsatisfactory Toys
    ArticleCountry of OriginArticleCountry of OriginReason
  • Page 97
    Properties other than sewers
    Type of Property
  • Page 98
    Insect Pests Complaints of insect pests doubled during the year, being 1,480 as compared with 735 for 1970. Details of these complaints are as follows:
  • Page 98
    Imported Food Since the opening of the cargo terminal at the south west corner of the Airport, which is in the Urban District of Staines, this work has decreased to negligible proportions. Details of the food inspected are given below:
  • Page 99
    Water Supply Two companies supply the whole of the airport with mains water. Regular samples are taken from aircraft and submitted for bacteriological examination. 366 samples were taken during the year with the following results:
  • Page 100
    DEPARTMENTAL LABORATORY During the year, the facilities of the laboratory were extended to include chromatograph determinations to identify colouring matter in food and flammability tests on fabrics. Tests in connection with food have been detailed elsewhere and the following is a summary of the remainder of the examinations carried out:
    Type of ExaminationTotal number of tests
  • Page 101
    Effluent Samples
    Sample No.12345
    Date taken14.1.7110.3.7110.5.7120.7.712.11.71
  • Page 105
    The following table gives a summary of the cases referred over the last five years:
    YearNew ApplicationsTransfersTotal
    Special recommendation or pointsNo recommendationTotalSupportNo supportTotal
  • Page 107
    Static X-ray Centres
  • Page 107
    Mobile Units
  • Page 107
    The table also includes the number of successful visits at which contact was made with the immigrants during the year.
    Country issuing passportNotifications ReceivedSuccessful visits completed
  • Page 108
    All such premises were inspected by a Principal Medical Officer and found to be of a satisfactory standard. The number of premises licensed and the type of treatment offered is shown in the following table:
    Treatment Carried OutNumber of Premises
  • Page 109
    OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH SERVICES Due chiefly to a sharp increase in the number of students medically examined prior to admission to teachers training college, the total number of medical assessments issued during 1971 was at 2,255 the greatest for any year since the inception of the Borough. Of the four hundred 14TT forms completed (examination required by the Department of Education and Science) three hundred and four were for students and ninety-six for newly trained teachers taking up their first appointment.
    19671 968196919701971
  • Page 111
    On 1st January, 1971, the Director of Health Services took up additional duties as medical referee to the Joint Committee. The Deputy Medical Officer of Health and a Principal Medical Officer were appointed during the year to assist with such duties.
    YearTotal CremationsYearTotal Cremations
  • Page 115
    PremisesAnte-Natal ClinicMothercraft and Relaxation
  • Page 116
    Cause of DeathSexTotal all AgesUnder 4 weeks4 weeks and under 1 yearAGE IN YEARS
    1 to 45 to 1415 to 2425 to 3435 to 4445 to 5455 to 6465 to 7475 & over
  • Page 117
    Continued from previous page...
    Cause of DeathSexTotal all AgesUnder 4 weeks4 weeks and under 1 yearAGE IN YEARS
    1 to 45 to 1415 to 2425 to 3435 to 4445 to 5455 to 6465 to 7475 & over
  • Page 118
    Cavendish Pavilion Thurs. a.m. & p.m.Elers Road Mon. p.m., Thurs. p.m.Grange Park Mon. p.m., Thurs. p.m.Harefield Mon. p.m., Thurs. p.m.Harmondsworth Thurs. p.m.Haydon Hall, Eastcote Mon. p.m.. Wed. a.m.Hayes End Thurs. a.m. & p.m.Ickenham Wed. p.m., Fri. a.m.Laurel Lodge Mon. p.m., Thurs. p.m.Manor Farm Thurs. a.m. & p.m.
  • Page 119
    Barra Hall Circus 1st & 3rd Tues. a.m.Charville Estate 2nd, 4th & 5th Mon. a.m.Cowley 1st, 2nd. 4th B 5th Fri. p.m.Cranford Cross Estate 1st & 3rd Wed. a.m.Glebe Estate 2nd & 4th Wed. p.m.Harlington Mon. a.m.Northwood, The Grange 2nd B 4th Thurs. p.m.Sipson 1st B 3rd Fri. a.m.Wise Lane Estate 2nd B 4th Wed. a.m.Yeading Tues. p.m.
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    CategoryYear of Birth
  • Page 121
    IMMUNISATION The following table shows the numbers of children immunised during the year at Council Clinics or by private medical practitioners: Primary Immunisation—Disease
    Year of BirthTotal 1971Total 1970
    19711970196919681964-67Others under 16
  • Page 121
    Re-inforcing Doses—Vaccine
    Year of BirthTotal 1971Total 1970
    19711970196919681964-67Others under 16
  • Page 122
    SMALLPOX VACCINATION During the year the following vaccinations of children were undertaken:
    AgeVaccinationRe-vaccinationGeneralised Vaccinia 1971
  • Page 122
  • Page 123
    Attendances and TreatmentChildren under 5Expectant and Nursing Mothers
  • Page 124
    Cases VisitedNumber of Cases
  • Page 125
    Causes of Death1st Day2nd Day3rd Day4th Day5th Day6th Day7th Day8th-14th Day15th—21 st Day22nd-28th DayTotal under 1 Month7 Month2 Months3 Months4 Months5 Months6 Months7 Months8 Months9 Months10 Months11 MonthsTotal
  • Page 142
    The numbers of children tested this year are very similar to those of last year, but the number found to have a hearing loss is less: 427 in 1971, 467 in 1970.
  • Page 143
    Child Guidance Centres
  • Page 144
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  • Page 148
    Health Education in Schools 1971
    Number of Talks GivenTotal Audience ReachedSchools
  • Page 150
    A visit was made with some of these young patients to Dr. Sperryn's Physical Medicine Out-patients' Department at Hillingdon Hospital to obtain wheelchairs for the school use.
    Type of PatientNumber of new patients referred in 1971
  • Page 153
    Handicapped Pupils Register for 1971
    CategoryNo. of Children Placed inNo. of Other Children Ascertained (See Separate Table)TotalNew Cases Referred to Local Education Authority during 1971
    Day Special SchoolsDay Special ClassesResidential Special Schools
  • Page 153
    Handicapped Children under 5 years of age
    CategoryYear of Birth
  • Page 155
    (E) Educationally Sub-Normal Pupils
  • Page 157
    (F) Epileptic
  • Page 157
    (G) Maladjusted
  • Page 158
    (H) Physically Handicapped
  • Page 159
    The school, however, accepts children with a variety of physical handicaps. The 25 children on the roll are as follows:
  • Page 159
    Martindale School for Physically Handicapped Children, Hounslow, has accepted 15 children from Hillingdon:
  • Page 160
    (1) Speech Defect
  • Page 160
    (J) Delicate
  • Page 161
    Multiple Handicaps
  • Page 163
    Age Groups Inspected (By year of Birth)Number of Pupils InspectedPhysical condition of pupils InspectedPupils found to require treatment (excluding dental diseases and infestation with vermin)
    SatisfactoryUnsatisfactoryFor defective vision (including squint)For any other conditions in Table CTotal individual pupils
  • Page 163
  • Page 164
    Defect Code No.Defect or DiseasePeriodic InspectionsSpecial Inspections
  • Page 165
    TABLE D—PUPILS TREATED AT SCHOOL CLINICS Eye Diseases, Defective Vision and Squint
    Number of cases known to have been dealt with
  • Page 165
    Diseases and Defects of Ear, Nose and Throat
    Number of cases known to have been dealt with
  • Page 165
    Diseases of the Skin
    Number of pupils known to have been treated
  • Page 165
    Child Guidance Treatment
    Number known to have been treated
  • Page 166
    Attendances and TreatmentAges 5-9Ages 10-14Ages 15 and overTotal
  • Page 168
    PremisesSchool Health SessionsDental ClinicsSpeech TherapyOphthalmic ClinicsImmunisation and Vaccination
  • Page 169
    Continued from previous page...
    PremisesSchool Health SessionsDental ClinicsSpeech TherapyOphthalmic ClinicsImmunisation and Vaccination
  • Page 170
    CategoryPre-schoo/ but placed in Day NurseriesPre-school but recommended forAttending ordinary SchoolReceiving Home TuitionIf compulsory school age not attending School but recommended for Special SchoolTotal
    Special SchoolOrdinary Schooland satisfactorily Placedbut recommended for Special Schoolfor a Trial Period
  • Page 171
    SessionsFirst AttendanceTotal Attendance
  • Page 171
  • Page 171
    HEALTH VISITORS/CLINIC NURSES/HEALTH ASSISTANTS Visits and Sessions for School Health Service
  • Page 172
    SCABIES 1971
    Schools where Investigations madeDateNo. of Cases