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Leyton 1903

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Leyton]


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    A comparison of the quarterly death.rates is as follows:—
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    BOARD SCHOOLS. The following are the returns of the number of children attending the various Board Schools:—
    Cann Hall Ward.Boys.Girls.Infants.Total.
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    Total attending Schools:—
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    Table I.— Births for the last 5 years.
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    Table II.—Deaths for the last 5 years.
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    Table III.— Distribution of Deaths.
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    By way of comparison the following table is inserted:— Vital Statistics fop England and Wales.
    Deaths from all Causes.Deaths from Seven Chief Zymotic Diseases.
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    Table IV.— Death.Rate for Each Quarter.
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    Table V.— Deaths Classified with Regard to Sex.
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    Table VI.— Ages at which Death occurred.
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    Table VII.— Death-rate per cent. of Total Deaths
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    Table. VIII.— Chief Causes of Death.
    Under 5 years.5 years and over.Total.
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    Table IX.- Number of Death and Death-rate per 1000 of Population from Certain Causes.
    Phthisis and Tubercular Diseases.Respiratory Diseases.Heart Disease.Violence.Premature Birth.Diarrhœa.
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    Table X.— INFECTIOUS DISEASES (NOTIFICATION) ACT, 1890. The following Table shows the number of cases of Infectious Diseases notified during the year:—
    Jan.Feb.March AprilMayJuneJulyAug.Sept.Oct.Nov.Dec.Total.
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    Table XI.— Number of Cases of Infectious Diseases as they occurred in the Four Chief Wards of the District.
    Leyton.Leyton stone.Barrow Green.Cann Hall.Total.
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    Table XII.— Deaths per cent, of Deaths notified (exclusive of Public Institutions).
    Caese.DeathsPersentage mortality.
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    Table XIII.— Deaths from the Seven Chief Zymotic Diseases for the last Five Years, together with the zymotic death-rate and rate of mortality from all other diseases.
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    Table XIV.—N otified Cases of Scarlet Fever during the past Five Years, with the Percentage Mortality.
    Cases Notified.Number of DeathsPercentage Mortality.
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    Number of cases notified.Number of cases treated in Hospital.Percentage of cases treated in Hospital.Number of beds available.Mortality per cent. of cases notified.Mortality per cent. of cases treated in Hospital.
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    Deaths: —There were 719 deaths.
    Chief Causes of Death.Total.