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Leyton 1903

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Leyton]

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Leyton Urban District Council.
FOR 1903,
Medical Officer of Health.
I beg to present to you my Annual Report for 1903.
Again I have much pleasure in having to report a very healthy
year, unusually so in fact, owing to the almost entire absence of
Small Pox with which this district was scourged in 1902. I ascribe
this favourable state of affairs as almost entirely due to the abnormal
rainfall. For some little time now I have pointed out the urgent
necessity for a lavish watering of our roads, in order to minimise the
baneful effects of pollution through dust, whereby infectious and
other diseases are encouraged. Particularly has this been the case
with the milk supply during the hottest months in the past, but in 1903
the Clerk of the Weather came to our assistance in this very important
particular, and the infantile mortality of 1901.2 has been still
further reduced ; especially in regard to diarrhoea, from which 35 infants
under 5 years died in 1901, 45 in 1902, and 35 in 1903.
In 1902 the total deaths numbered 1183, 60 less than in 1901,
while last year there was a further reduction to 1112 of 71 deaths.
And this, be it borne in mind, while our total population is all the
while increasing.

A comparison of the quarterly death.rates is as follows:—

Ley ton, 190214.0611.51110.5
Ley ton, 190312.311.19.710.4
London, 190417.514.71416.4

It is well at this juncture to note that the rainfall tor the year was
34.3 inches, and that the unhealthiest quarter of the year was the
finest, from a weather point of view.