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Leyton 1903

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Leyton]

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Four more cases than last year have been reported, 397 against
393; but there has been an appreciable increase in the mortality, as
13 cases had a fatal termination, against 3 last year. This is very
largely due to the fact that the type of disease was unquestionably
severer than it was in 1902, and more like that which prevailed in
1901, with which year this year's figures almost precisely coincide.

Table XIV.—N otified Cases of Scarlet Fever during the past Five Years, with the Percentage Mortality.

Cases Notified.Number of DeathsPercentage Mortality.

Of these 397, 147 or 37 per cent. occurred in the Leyton Ward,
84 or 21.1 per cent. in the Leytonstone, 78 or 19.6 in the Harrow
Green and 88 or 22.1 per cent. in the Cann Hall Ward.
The number of cases notified is 185, and the deaths 27 or 14.6
per cent. This compares favourably with last year's figures. then
the rate of mortality was 14.8, the very slight decease being quite in
keeping with the general improvement in regard to the other ailments.
In January, when most cases, 26, occurred, the disease was of a very
serious character, and one of the deaths was due to Paralysis after
Diphtheria. In the following month though there was a decrease, to
19, in the number of cases, two were fatal, one, that of a child, owing
to exhaustion following Tracheotomy on admission, and the other due
to heart failure after a severe attack of the disease. Then the fatal
case in hospital, of the 12 cases in March, was also due to heart
failure in a boy of 4½ years of age. Most of the 27 deaths were
therefore as much due to the sequelae of the disease as to its
The following tables give the details of numbers of patients that
have been under treatment during 1903:—