London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Leyton 1903

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Leyton]

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Nor does our death.rate compare at all unfavourably with that of
other urban districts; Tottenham being 10.7 and that of Walthamstow
On the whole the temperature was fairly even, rather below the
average than usual, except in February and March, when we were
visited with several days worthy of a true summer.
I estimate the population at 102000. Further notes will be
found in the usual place under the heading "Births."
1019 houses have been erected during the year, and certified fit
for habitation.


The following are the returns of the number of children attending the various Board Schools:—

Cann Hall Ward.Boys.Girls.Infants.Total.
Cobbold Road Schoolsmixed319
Cann Hall Road „6346165231773
Downsell Road „4544755991428
Trumpington Road „3943953651154
Harrow Green Ward.
Harrow Green Schools335292321948
Goodall Road „5145115621587
Mayville Road „4454494551349
Davies Lane „322309294925
Leytonstone Ward.
Kirkdale Road Schools4794633101252
Connaught Road „mixed176
Leyton Ward.
Church Road Schools3233213631037
Lea Bridge Road „mixed200
Newport Road „7477056072059
Ruckholt „4324343561222
Capworth Street „6146205661800
Farmer Road „5996275951751
Sybourn Street „mixed92
St. Joseph's Roman Catholic School, Vicarage Road142