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Friern Barnet 1894

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Friern Barnet]


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    The Diseases to be notified are Small-pox, Cholera, Diphtheria, Membraneous Croup, Erysipelas, Scarlet Fever, Typhus, Typhoid, Relapsing, Continued and Puerperal Fevers, and to those Diseases was added, during the year 1894, Measles.
    Scarlet Fever.Diphtheria.Puerperal Fever.Typhoid Fever or Enteric Fever.Smallpox.Erysipelas.Measles.Totals
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    The Infectious Illness was distributed throughout the year in the several months as under:—
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    FRIERN BARNET URBAN SANITARY DISTRICT. Inspector's Report of the Sanitary Work completed in the Year. 1894.
    No. of Complaints received during the year.No. of Houses, Premises, &c., inspected.No. of Re-inspections of Houses, Premises, &c.Results of InspectionHouse DrainsPrivies and WaterclosetsDust BinsWater SupplyMiscellaneousNotifications.
    Orders issued for Sanitary Amendments of Houses and Premises.Houses, Premises, &c., Cleansed, Repaired, Whitewashed, &c.Houses Disinfected after illness of an Infectious Character.Repaired, Cleansed, Trapped, &cVentilated.Repaired, &c.Supplied with Water.New provided.New provided.Repaired, Covered, &c.Cisterns (new) erected.Cisterns Cleansed, Repaired and Covered.Waste Pipes connected with Drains, &c., abolished.No. of Lodging Houses registered under 35th Section of the "Sanitary Act, 1866," or 90th Section of ' "Public Health Act, 1875."I Dust removals.Removal of Accumulations of Dung, Stagnant Water, Animal and other Refuse.Animals Removed, being improperly kept.Regularly InspectedLegal Proceedings: i.e., Summonses.
    Bakehouses.Licensed Cowsheds.Licensed Slaughter-houses.
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    There were at end of year 1,264 inhabited houses and 56 uninhabited. The table shows inhabited houses, empty houses and population in several years.
    Inhabited Houses.Uninhabited Houses.
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    Table Showing Birth-rate and Death-rate in the several Years.
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    Number of Deaths in the various quarters of the year—
    Friern BarnetAsylum
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    Total Deaths at all ages
    Friern Barnet.Colney Hatch Asylum.
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    Deaths from all causes during the year.
    Under 5 Years.Over 5 Years.
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    Table I. Showing Population, Inhabited Houses, Births, Deaths for years 1884 to 1894 inclusive.
    Population.Inhabited Houses.Births.Deaths.Deaths under 1 year.Deaths under 5 years.
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    Table II. showing Annual Birth-rate, Death-rate and proportional Death-rate of Children in 1,000 Births for year 1894 and previous years.
    Birth-rate.Death-rate.Deaths of Children under 1 year of ape per 1,000 of registered births.
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    Table III. Showing Deaths registered from all causes, with ages at deaths during the year 1894.
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    Developmental Diseases—
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    Division I.
    Principal Zymotic Diseases—
    Total Deaths.Per1000 of Population
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    Approximate population with number of deaths in each Ward, together with rate per 1,000 living at all ages in each Ward.
    WardPopulationDeathsRate per 1,000