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Friern Barnet 1894

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Friern Barnet]

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Water Supply.
The water supplied to your District by the Barnet Company from
deep wells has maintained its purity. I am hopefully looking forward to
the time when you will have obtained the constant water supply, I am
fully aware of the difficulties you have had to contend with.
During the year complaint was made on account of the turbidity of
water, I examined the water and visited the supply works at Barnet, the
cause of the turbidity was the disturbance of the water on account of
driving heading into the chalk in order to increase the supply, there was
no danger to health in this turbidity. I would suggest for your consideration
the provision of more fire-hydrants.
The number of houses supplied with water from the Barnet Company
are 1,251.
The number of houses drawing supply from wells and other sources
are 13 equal to a little over one per cent. of the whole number of
houses. I have analysed water from a well that supplied two cottages
and certified the water was not potable, after some persuasion the
owner agreed to close well and obtain supply from Barnet Co.
Thirty-three houses have had water laid on to water-closets and in
twenty-three houses water for drinking purposes has been obtained from
the Barnet Water Company instead of from shallow wells as previously.
The provision of a building suitable for removal of a dead body
to, has received your consideration, but I respectfully suggest the re-consideration
of this matter so that a building may be erected in your
The district of Friern Barnet has an area of 1303.281 acres—the
population according to Census 1891 was 9,174 persons, this number
included persons living in the Colney Hatch Asylum.
The population of Friern Barnet, exclusive of the Asylum, calculated
to the middle of 1894 was 7,467.

There were at end of year 1,264 inhabited houses and 56 uninhabited. The table shows inhabited houses, empty houses and population in several years.

Inhabited Houses.Uninhabited Houses.
Population Census18712,203
„ „18814,405
„ „18916,716
Estimated to middle of18947,467