London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Friern Barnet 1894

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Friern Barnet]

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Division I.

Principal Zymotic Diseases—
Total Deaths.Per1000 of Population
Pulmonary Diseases—
Principal Tubercular Diseases—
Division II. Infants under 1 Year.
Wasting Diseases—
Convulsive Diseases—

Approximate population with number of deaths in each Ward, together with rate per 1,000 living at all ages in each Ward.

WardPopulationDeathsRate per 1,000

The vital statistics here set out show satisfactory state of the
general Sanitary condition of your District. Zymotic death-rate
below the average Urban District Zymotic death-rate of 2.4; deaths
from Diarrhoea very small number infantile mortality in your District
was 140, in Urban Districts the average is 141, the reason of infantile
mortality may be to some extent accounted for by the large number of
premature births, namely 8, nearly a third of the whole number of infant
deaths. Enteric Fever caused one death, this was probably contracted,
or the condition, precedent to the reception of the specific germs induced,
by the filthy surrounding of a dwelling-house. The death-rate is not
higher than last year, in calculating death-rate allowance has been made
for persons residing in institutions within District, but not belonging
to District and those dying in institutions out of the District but belonging
to District.
In conclusion it is satisfactory to know that your District is
progressing in matters Sanitary, before very long your labours in respect
to a constant supply of water will I trust be crowned with success. I
would recapitulate that in order to prevent the spread of infectious
disease I still consider the provision of a separate hospital in your District
more satisfactory than the present arrangement; that there is need of a
disinfecting chamber to disinfect infected clothing, and a Mortuary for
reception of dead bodies.
I have the honour to
Subscribe myself,
Your Obedient Servant,