London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Friern Barnet 1894

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Friern Barnet]

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Inspector's Report of the Sanitary Work completed in the Year. 1894.

No. of Complaints received during the year.No. of Houses, Premises, &c., inspected.No. of Re-inspections of Houses, Premises, &c.Results of InspectionHouse DrainsPrivies and WaterclosetsDust BinsWater SupplyMiscellaneousNotifications.
Orders issued for Sanitary Amendments of Houses and Premises.Houses, Premises, &c., Cleansed, Repaired, Whitewashed, &c.Houses Disinfected after illness of an Infectious Character.Repaired, Cleansed, Trapped, &cVentilated.Repaired, &c.Supplied with Water.New provided.New provided.Repaired, Covered, &c.Cisterns (new) erected.Cisterns Cleansed, Repaired and Covered.Waste Pipes connected with Drains, &c., abolished.No. of Lodging Houses registered under 35th Section of the "Sanitary Act, 1866," or 90th Section of ' "Public Health Act, 1875."I Dust removals.Removal of Accumulations of Dung, Stagnant Water, Animal and other Refuse.Animals Removed, being improperly kept.Regularly InspectedLegal Proceedings: i.e., Summonses.
Bakehouses.Licensed Cowsheds.Licensed Slaughter-houses.

HUGH STOTT, Medical Officer of Health.