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Hackney 1968

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hackney]


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    MATERNAL AND CHILD HEALTH ESTABLISHMENTS Particulars of clinics and services provided as at 31st December, 1968
    CentreAnte- and Post-NatalChild HealthVaccination and ImmunisationFood SalesOccasional CrecheFamily PlanningDentalChiropody
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    CentreAnte- and Post-NatalChild HealthVaccination and ImnunisationFood SalesOccasional CrecheFamily PlanningDentalChiropody
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    Births and Deaths
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    Live BirthsStill BirthsDeathsInfant MortalityNeonatal MortalityEarly Neonatal MortalityPerinatal MortalityMaternal Deaths
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    When the transfer of a premature baby to hospital takes place, a special incubator is used to give warmth and oxygen to the baby while in transit.
    Weight at birthPremature live birthsPremature stillbirthsTotal premature live and still births
    Born in hospitalBorn at home
    Total births in hospitalDiedBorn
    Within 24 hours of birthIn 1 and under 7 daysIn 7 and under 28 daysNursed entirely at homeTransferred to hospital on or before 28th dayIn hospitalAt home
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    Cause of deathSexTotal all AgesUnder 4 weeks4 weeks and under 1 yearAge in years
    1 - 45-1415 - 2425 - 3435 - 4445 - 5455 - 6465 - 7475 and over
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    Causes of deathSexTotal all agesUnder 4 weeks4 weeks and under 1 yearAge in years
    1 - 45-1415-2425 - 3435 - 4445 - 5455 - 6465-7475 and over
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    Nine general practitioner obstetricians hold sessions in Council premises and a domiciliary midwife is in attendance. Details of attendances at these sessions are not included in the figures below.
    CentreNo. of sessionsNumber of women who attended forTotal attendances
    Ante-natal examinationPost-natal examination
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    Child Health Attendances
    Barton HouseShoreditch H.C. (including Cranston)Elsdale Street (including Wick)John Scott H.C.Lower ClaptonRichmond RoadUpper ClaptonWest Hackney
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    Eleven teeth were root filled to prevent the need for extraction. The acquisition of knowledge relating to all these advanced techniques is continually being brought home to dental staff by their much appreciated attendance at postgraduate courses and conferences. Statistics
    Children aged 0-4 yearsExpectant and Nursing Mothers
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    Completed Primary Courses
    Type of vaccine or doseYear of birthTotal
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    Reinforcing Injections/Doses
    Type of vaccine or doseYear of birthTotal
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    The table below shows the number of sessions and attendances during the ye ar:-
    CentreNo. of sessionsTotal attendances
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    The number of home confinements has continued to decline and during 1968 fell by a further 116 to 365. The number of mothers discharged from maternity hospitals to their homes before the tenth day of the lying-in period also dropped having steadily been increasing during the last three years. Details of the domiciliary confinements during the year are set out below:-
    ConfinementsDoctor bookedGiven AnalgesiaDischarged to midwife before 10th day
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    The number of smears taken at the Council's clinics were as follows:-
    F.P. A. ClinicsCervical Cytology ClinicsA.N. ClinicsTotal
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    The number of occasions on which the patients attended was disappointing as the following table shows:-
    Number of occasions attendedMalesFemalesResults
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    School children are treated at all maternal and child health centres and at Hackney School Treatment Centre, 13 Goulton Road, E.5. Details of the work done at these clinics are set out below:-
    Type of ClinicNo. of SessionsNew CasesTotal Attendances
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    Each minor ailment clinic is staffed by a clinic nurse; details of the defects treated are set out below:-
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    The figures for the year are set out below:-
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    A special survey of 5-year-old children gave the following results:-
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    The decrease in extractions was distributed unevenly according to age.
    Age GroupNumber of Teeth ExtractedChange
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    The ratio of teeth filled to teeth extracted has changed over the years as will be seen by the following table:-
    YearPermanent TeethDeciduous Teeth
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    Hackney 1967Hackney 1968I.L.E. A. 1968
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    Hackney 1967Hackney 1968I.L.E. A. 1968
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    Details of infectious and contagious diseases notified (confirmed diagnoses) in 1968 were as follows:-
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    Details of the notified cases of pulmonary tuberculosis are as follows:-
    Age GroupsPrimary NotificationsNon-Primary Notifications
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    The Department is able to provide a number of services for the tuberculous and a summary of the help available is set out overleaf:-
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    Details in respect of Hackney residents attending these clinics are set out below. Some residents from Hackney are known to attend clinics outside the Borough and details from other hospitals are also included:-
    HospitalNo. of new cases in yearTotal
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    Bacteriological specimens are sent to the Public Health Laboratory at County Hall, S.E.1 and analysis of the 1,501 specimens submitted for examination is set out below:-
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    Details of food trades carried on in 2,014 premises Borough are set out below:- situated in the
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    Analysis of premises found to be contravening the Food Hygiene (General) Regulations 1960 to 1966:-
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    Regulations Contravened
    Regulation No.No.
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    The position in regard to street traders licensed to engage in the sale of food commodities at 31st December was as follows:-
    Place of Trading
    Hoxton StreetRidley RoadChats-worth RoadWell StreetKings-land RoadBroadwayOther SitesTotal No. of stalls
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    Analysis of premises found to be contravening the Food Hygiene (Markets, Stalls and Delivery Vehicles) Regulations, 1966:-
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    Regulations Contravened
    Regulation No.No.
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    A wide variety of food samples were taken and submitted to the Public Analyst. The results are set out in the table opposite:-
    Description of ArticleFormalSamplesInformalSamples
    Number TakenNumber Non-GenuineNumber TakenNumber Non-Genuine
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    Description of ArticleFormalSamplesInformal Samples
    Number TakenNumber Non-GenuineNumber TakenNumber Non-Genuine
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    A detailed analysis of the non-genuine samples and the action taken is set out below:-
    SampleAnalyst's reportAction taken
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    SampleAnalyst's reportAction taken
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    SampleAnalyst's reportAction taken
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    Treated and pre-packed milk comes into the Borough from three sources only, and sampling has again followed a pattern of control considered adequate to safeguard the purchaser or consumer:-
    Type of TestDistributors and shopsSchoolsVending MachinesMilk DispensersHospitalsTotal
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    Lead content of water from main taps in consumers' premises
    Lead content (mg/1 Pb)Samples of water standing in lead pipe overnightSamples of water after running the tap
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    Results of bacteriological examination after treatment (yearly average)
    Source of supplyNo. of samplesAgar Plate count per ml. after 20-24 hours at 37°CColiform count per cent samples negative in 100 ml.E. Coli count per cent samples negative in 100 ml.
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    Average results of the chemical examination of water (Milligrams per litre)
    Stoke NewingtonAll Thames derived
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    Details for 1968 are set out below:-
    HackneyBethnal GreenElsewhere
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    Infested premises cleared of vermin
    Business PremisesDwelling HousesTotal
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    Details of inspections carried out in accordance with Sections 1-7 of the Factories Act, 1961, are set out in the table below:-
    PremisesNumber on RegisterNumber of
    InspectionsWritten NoticesOccupiers Prosecuted
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    ParticularsNumber of cases in which defects were foundNo. of cases in which prosecutions were instituted
    To H.M. InspectorBy H.M. Inspector
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    The current list showed 103 Hackney firms as having employed 964 outworkers of whom 407 worked in Hackney:-
    Nature of WorkNo. of outworkers in August list
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    Statistics relating to registration and general inspections are set out below:-
    Class of PremisesNumber of premises registered during the yearTotal Number of registered premises at end of yearNumber of registered premises receiving a general inspection during the year
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    Analysis of persons employed in registered premises by workplace
    Class of WorkplaceNumber of persons employed
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    Other VisitsVisitsRe-visits
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    Number of Summonses returnable during yearNumber of OrdersNumber of WithdrawalsAdjournedNumber of fines and total amountsNumber with costs and total amountsNumber without costs