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Hackney 1968

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hackney]

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Eleven teeth were root filled to prevent the need for extraction. The acquisition of knowledge relating to all these advanced techniques is continually being brought home to dental staff by their much appreciated attendance at postgraduate courses and conferences.


Children aged 0-4 yearsExpectant and Nursing Mothers
1. Inspections
(a) Number of first inspections897968303179
(b) Number requiring treatment483492254146
(c) Percentages requiring treatment53.850.883.881.6
2. Visits for Treatment
(a) First visits580601303263
(b) Subsequent visits8381,207929608
(c) Total visits1,4181,8081, 232871
(d) Additional courses of treatment commenced273136
(e) Attendances for general anaesthetic (included in total)61511617
(f) Emergencies (included in total)11801424
3. Patients made Dentally fit319229126109
4. Analysis of General Treatment
(a) Fillings1,1441,229920684
(b) Teeth filled9141, 113731610
(c) Teeth extracted184172213137
(d) Patients x-rayed113435
(e) Scaling, prophylaxis and gum treatment61293162113
(f) Teeth otherwise conserved254324N. A.N. A.
(g) Teeth root filledN. A.N. A.211
(h) Crowns and inlaysN. A.N. A.27
5. Prosthetics
(a) Patients supplied with full upper and/or lower dentures--106
(b) Patients supplied with partial dentures--3225
(c) Number of dentures supplied--4933

N.A. Not applicable
The recommendations of the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation
on the immunisation procedures issued at the end of 1967, were given
careful consideration in conjunction with other Inner London Boroughs, as it
was thought to be of prime importance, with the large amount of movement of
population within these Boroughs, to have an agreed schedule.
The Joint Committee recommended that, in order to produce a higher level
of immunity, triple and polio vaccinations should be delayed until the age of
six months, when transferred maternal immunity had virtually disappeared.
Intervals between doses should be lengthened. The largest number of young
children are taken to child health centres in the first three months of life
encouraged by home visits paid by health visitors and by postponing the
commencement of the programme until six months of age, many opportunities
would be lost. In the majority of healthy children, after their first few
attendances at centres, the intervals become longer, and a proportion move to
other districts. It was thought that it was better to give the still very
valuable early protection to a larger number of children. The schedule