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Walthamstow 1936

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Walthamstow]

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Quite apart from the patients receiving ante- and post-natal
care under the Municipal Scheme, most of the remaining expectant
and nursing mothers have received ante- and post-natal medical
care either at a hospital or from a private practitioner.

Summary of Attendances at Welfare Clinics.

Centre.First Attendances of New Cases.Re - attendances.Grand Total.
Under 1 yr. of age.1-5 yrs. of age.Total.Under 1 yr. of age.1-5 yrs. of age.Total.
Low Hall Lane6321517831151560061752118304
Higham Hill2621023644264354178058169
Highams Park193532463367332066876933
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The attendances at Highams Park Centre have increased as
shown since the commencement of the clinic in 1931:—
1931 (part-year) 362 1934 5,549
1932 3,873 1935 7,009
1933 5,584 1936 6,933
During the current year a second weekly session is to be commenced.
The erection of the proposed new clinic is an urgent
Nurse Children.—At the end of 1936 there were 122 nurse
children on the Register, i.e., the same number as at the end of
1935. During the year, 104 removed, 2 were adopted, 13 reached
the age of nine years, and 1 ceased to come under the Act. 117
new children were registered and 3 re-registered. There were no
deaths among nurse children during 1936.
Massage.—Five massage sessions per week were held at the
Welfare Centres, i.e., Low Hall Lane, Monday, Thursday and
Friday; Highams Park, Tuesday; and Higham Hill, Wednesday.
181 cases attended for massage, and these made 2,025 attendances.

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