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Walthamstow 1936

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Walthamstow]

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Dr. Sheppard reports as follows:—
"The work of the Ante-Natal Clinic continued satisfactorily
during the past year. A very pleasing sign was the increase in
post-natal cases, and it is hoped that this number will be much
increased during 1937. It is very difficult to make the mothers
realise the importance of a post-natal examination; they promise to
attend on a certain date, but are so occupied looking after the baby
that they are very prone to fail their appointment. The Health
Visitors are impressing on them the seriousness of neglect, and
their advice, I am glad to say, appears to be bearing fruit lately.
"The Maternity and Child Welfare Clinics continue to be very
well attended, and Tuesday afternoons at Hale End are becoming
too crowded for effective work. (Note by M.O.H.:—An additional
session is being started in 1937.)
"The massage sessions continue to do good.
"At all these Welfare Centres a special weighing machine in
the outer hall is used for toddlers. The mothers avail themselves
very freely of this benefit and find it much more convenient than
if they were compelled to attend a separate session for toddlers.
Our attendance of children between 2 and 5 years is surprisingly
"The voluntary workers have again been of great assistance,
and are deserving of your best thanks."
The attendances at the various Centres can be seen from the
following table:—

Summary of Attendances at Ante- and Post-Natal Clinics.

New Patients:—Ante-NatalPost-Natal
Thorpe Coombe Maternity Home691453
Low Hall Lane Clinic2727
Total Attendances:—
Thorpe Coombe Maternity Home6,045630
Low Hall Lane Clinic98527
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The total number of new patients attending the clinics represent
the following percentages of total notified births (live and still):—
Ante-Natal, 56.6; Post-Natal, 27.7.

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