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Walthamstow 1936

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Walthamstow]

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House or Half 1-3
Flat. House. Rooms. Total.
1936 1,094 374 210 1,678
1935 893 567 217 1,677
The findings appear to show that the proportion of families
adequately housed in a separate house or flat increased satisfactorily
and that of families inadequately housed remained stationary.

The following table shows the number and nature of visits paid in Wards during 1936:—

Ward.Visits to Children under 1 year.. Visits to Children 1-5 years.Grand Total.Unsuccessful Visits.Visits to Nurse Children.Visits re Milk Scheme.Ante-Natal Visits.Other Visits.Total Visits.
First.Re-visits.Total.First Visit.Subsequent Visits.Total Visits.
12345678910Cols. 5-10.
St. James Street3144777915801,371100701774726731981,989
High Street1862093954068011114985257321151,193
Hoe Street2493616105871,1972634416731637901,798
Wood Street2244036271,0671,69435246186331222,403
Hale End3361,0721,4082,1903,5982371732832910392834,613
Higham Hill3699611,3302,2513,5812311601984222643704,604
Total, 19361,6783,4835,1617,08112,2421,2945421,096177712481,17816,600
Total, 19351,6773,4195,0967,68012,7761,8916651,1512296929827417,055
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