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Walthamstow 1936

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Walthamstow]

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The apparent anomaly between the number of admissions
during the ante-natal period and those for confinement arises because
one patient is included in both categories in some cases.
Numerical Summary of all Cases.

(i) Presentations during Labour.

Priraiparae.Multiparae.Total No. of Cases.
Vertex left occipito-anterior .. 240157397
Vertex right occipitoanterior.14364207
Vertex right occipito-posterior.12315
Vertex left occipito-posterior .437
Total. 421244665
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The above includes the presentations of five cases of twins.

(ii) Complications.

Albuminuria, hyper-piesis, oedema40Cardiac disease6
Ante-partum haemorrhage5
Hyperemesis and albuminuria2Premature rupture of membranes3
Hydramnios4Prolapse of cord1
Pyelitis6Post-partum Haemorrhage12
Phlebitis (ante-natal, 1; post-natal, 1)2
Puerperal pyrexia25
(iii) Operations.
Application of forceps36Induction of premature labour:—
Caesarean Section1
Manual removal of placenta6(i) Medical5
(ii) Surgical5
Perineal suture275
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(iv) Consultations.
(i) Disproportion; failed forceps, pyrexia. Caesarean Section
(2 visits).
(ii) Pre-eclamptic toxaemia.

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