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Walthamstow 1936

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Walthamstow]

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Summary of Patients.
Albuminuria, hyperpiesis Lumbo-sacral pain 4
and oedema 40 Miscarriage 1
Hyperemesis 2 Threatened miscarriage 3
Hyperemesis and Albumin- Prolapse 1
uria 2 Observation following a
Hydramnios 4 fall 1
Pyelitis 6 Observation—sub-acute
Phlebitis 1 appendicitis 1
Cardiac Disease 6 Patients admitted for
Premature rupture of mem- observation and dis-
branes 3 charged because not
Ante-partum haemorrhage 5 in labour 49
Debility; anaemia 8
Total 137

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Number of confinements:—
(i) Primiparae417380112
(ii) Multiparae243266117
Number of patients delivered by:—
(i) a doctor768254
(ii) a midwife584564195
Number of patients admitted in the post-natal period14_
Total number of patients admitted:—
(i) Booked patients755735258
(ii) Unbooked patients1412—
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Private Practitioners' booked
cases 33
Reasons for the admission of unbooked patients:—
Pre-eclamptic toxaemia 4 Obstructed labour 1
Hyperemesis 1 Extended breech 1
Hydramnios; toxaemia 1 Arrangement for conAnte-partum
haemorrhage 2 finement not made 2
Disproportion 2
Total 14

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