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Walthamstow 1936

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Walthamstow]

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(iii) Pre-eclamptic toxaemia. Surgical induction of labour.
(iv) Pyrexia (2 cases).
(v) Hyperpiesis; retinitis. Ophthalmic consultation.
(vi) Pyrexia of infant.
A total of eight visits was paid to the Maternity Home for
the purpose of consultation.
(v) Medical Aid Notices.—In 365 cases medical aid was
sought by midwives in the Home. Treatment was given by the
Resident Medical Officer or the relieving Medical Officer.
For complications during pregnancy:—
Abortion 1
Ante-partum haemorrhage 2

For complications during labour:—

Breech presentation21Retained placenta4
Face presentation1Cardiac failure1
Shoulder presentation1Prolapsed cord1
Obstructed labour2Pre -eclampsia; Hyper -piesis2
Ante-partum haemorrhage3
Perineal and vaginal laceration268
Delayed 1st and 2nd stage32
Cervical laceration1
Delay in 3rd stage8345
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For complications in regard to the infant:—

Asphyxia6Haemorrhage from cir
Feeble condition6cumcision1
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Grand Total, 365.
Analysis of Cases.—Every patient attending the Ante-Natal
Clinic has the urine tested, the blood pressure recorded and the
weight taken at each visit. Where there is the slightest albuminuria,
hypertension or excessive gain in weight, the patient is seen
twice weekly. If the condition does not improve, the patient is
admitted to the Maternity Home.

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