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East Ham 1945

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for East Ham]

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Adoption of Children (Section 7 of the Adoption of Children
(Regulation) Act, 1939).
(a) Number of persons who gave notice under
Section 7(3) during the year 19
(b) Total number of children in respect of whom
notice was given under Section 7(3) during
year 24
(c) Number of children notified under Section 7(3)
(i) Under supervision at the end of the year 5
(ii) Who died during the year —
(iii) On whom inquests were held during the
year —
(d) Particulars and results of any proceedings
taken during the year Nil
Note.—The local Education Authority under the Adoption of
Children Act, 1926, during the year ended 31/12/45, dealt with
1 he following cases :—
(a) Number of applications dealt with by the
Juvenile Court 44
(b) Number of Adoption Orders made 39
(c) Number of Interim Orders made (Subject to
Supervision of the Local Education Authority) 2
(d) Number refused 1
(e) Number withdrawn 1
(f) Number standing adjourned 1
Registration of Nursing Homes.
The return of the work of the Council during 1945, under
Sections 187 to 194 of the Public Health Act, 1936:—


Number of HomesNumber of patients provided for
Maternity patientsOthersTotal
Homes first registered during the year
Homes on the Register at the end of the year
Homes deleted during the year