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East Ham 1945

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for East Ham]

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(c) Number of Child Protection Visitors at the end
of the year who were :—
(i) Health Visitors 7
(ii) Female, other than Health Visitors —
(iii) Male —
(d) Number of persons (in addition to or in lieu of
Visitors under (c) above) or Societies
authorised to visit under the proviso to Section
209(2) of the Public Health Act, 1936 Nil
(e) Proceedings taken or orders applied for during
the year Nil
(f) Number of cases in which sanction has been
given during the year under Section 210 of the
Public Health Act, 1936:—
(i) (ii) (iii) under Subsection (a) (b) & (c) Nil
Care of Premature Infants (Circular 20/44).
Number of babies notified during 1945 who weighed
5^ lbs. or less at birth 45
(a) The total number of premature babies as above
who were born at:—
Home 15
Hospital 30 45
(b) The number of these born at home:—
(i) Who were nursed entirely at home 12*
(ii) Who died during the first 24 hours 3
(iii) Who survived at the end of one month 12
(c) The number of those born in hospital:—
(i) Who died within the first 24 hours 4
(ii) Who survived at the end of one month 26
*One child removed to Aldersbrook Children's Home—mother removed to
Runwell Hospital.
The notification of birth cards provide space for the weight
at birth when this is 5½ lbs. or less, beds are available (when
necessary) in Howard's Road Maternity Home, there is no
special form of transport provided for conveyance to hospital
and all cases (including those in hospital when discharged) are
followed up.