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Beckenham 1939

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Beckenham]


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    This work is carried out by the Health Visitors. During 1939 the Health Visitors made a home visit to 554 out of 714 new cases belonging to the district. The work done is summarised below:—
    Home Visits, NewUnder One1 to 5Special IllnessExpectant MothersBoarded OutNo reply to callTotal Welfare VisitsT.B. Visits
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    Town Hall C'treAlexandra C'treElmers End C'treWickham C'treConey Hall C'treCh'ch fields C'treTotal 1939Comparative Total 1938
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    The following figures show the main reasons for medical examinations:—
    Total seen by Doctor.Feeding and Digestion.Referred to Special Clinics.Special Cases.General Progress.
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    The following figures show the attendances of children in age groups. It will be seen that the transfer of Centres to First Aid Posts in September made it possible to maintain attendances almost to normal levels:—
    Year bornTotal who AttendedQuarterly Attendances madeAverage number of Attendances per Child
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    The following is the summary of the treatment.
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    Cases in attendance—
    Dental.Tonsils and Adienoids.Eye Clinic.U.V. Ray Clinic.Orthopaedic Clinic.Aural Clinic.
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    Relating to the Beckenham and Penge Joint Maternity Home
    Information RequiredParticulars
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    Information RequiredParticulars
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    The following table gives the number of cases which were notified during the year, the number removed to Hospital, and the age grouping:—
    Disease.NotifiedRemoved to HospitalAge Groups.
    Beck.W.W.Totalunder l yr.1/22/33/44/55/ 1010/ 1515/ 2020/ 3535/ 4545/ 6565 & over
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    New cases attending for the first time:—
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    The number and results of the examinations made at the Public Health Department Laboratory during 1939 was:—
    Disease suspectedTotal 1939ResultsComparative Total for 1938
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    SANITARY INSPECTION OF THE DISTRICT, 1939 Nature of Nuisances or Defects Remedied.
    No. of defects remedied.
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    No. of defects remedied.
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    Summary of Inspections and Visits
    Visits and Inspections
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    PREMISES CONTROLLED BY BYELAWS, ETC. The following Table supplies particulars of the premises and the occupations in the district which are controlled by Byelaws or Regulations:—
    Character of PremisesAction taken and result
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    A detailed account of the animals inspected and of the meat destroyed is given in the following tables : ANIMALS DRESSED IN 1939.
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    Animal.Condition.No. affected.Weight.
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    Carcases Inspected and Condemned.
    Cattle excluding CowsCowsCalvesSheep and LambsPigs
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    The attendances during the year are shown below, with comparative figures for 1938:—
    Sessions heldAttendancesAverage perSession
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    REPORT ON BECKENHAM ORTHOPAEDIC CLINIC Year ended 31/12/39 By H. J. Seddon, F.R.C.S. The following summary shows the work of this Clinic during 1939, and comparative figures are given for the preceding years:
    Year.Half-day Sessions held.Surgeons Examinations.
    New cases.Re-examinations.
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    INFECTIOUS DISEASE. No change has been made in the existing methods of notification. The following table shows details of the cases excluded from School during the year:—
    Condition for which excludedNames of Schools.
    AlexandraBalgowanBromley RoadChurchfieldsStewart FlemingHawes DownMarian VianWickham Com.OtherTotal, 1939Total, 1938
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    TABLE I. Medical Inspection of Children attending Public Elementary Schools. A. —Routine Medical Inspections.
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    TABLE II. Classification of the Nutrition of Children Inspected during the year in the Routine Age Groups up to 31/8/39.
    Age GroupsNo. of children inspected'A' Excellent'B' Normal'C' Slightly subnormal'D' Bad
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    TABLE IV. Treatment Tables (1) Minor Ailments.
    Disease or DefectNumber of Defects treated, or under treatment, during 1939
    Under the local Authority's Scheme
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    II.—Defective Vision and Squint.
    No. of Defects dealt with.
    Under the Authority's Scheme.Otherwise.Total.
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    III.—Treatment of Defects of Nose and Throat.
    Received Operative Treatment Number of Defects.Received other forms of treatmentTotal
    Tonsils onlyAdenoids onlyTonsils and AdenoidsOther defects