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Barking 1905

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Barking]

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The main drain at the rear of premises have been found choked
in 44 instances, and as these are combined drains which under existing
law are deemed to be sewers, they have been reported to the Surveyor's
Department and immediately cleared by the Council's
Infectious Disease.
The number of cases notified during the year was 260, and in
every case the premises were immediately visited, and examination
was made of the drains and sanitary fittings, and when any defects
were found a notice was served upon the responsible person.
Enquiries are made as to the possible source of infection, to the
milk supply, and schools attended, etc., etc., and full particulars are
entered in the Infectious Disease Register.
Where patients are nursed at home a printed form of precautions
to be observed is handed to the householder, and directions
given as to isolation, &c.
As soon as possible after a patient is removed to Hospital or
recovery of patient when treated at home, the room is fumigated
with formic aldehyde vapour, and sealed up at least five hours, and
the bedding, etc., removed to the disinfecting apparatus, 226 rooms
have been fumigated, 281 lots of bedding, clothing, etc , disinfected,
and 57 rooms stripped, stopped and ceilings limewashed, after
cases of Scarlet Fever.
The Head Teachers' of Day Schools, Superintendent of Sunday
Schools, and the School Attendance Officer, are advised of all cases
of infectious disease occurring at houses in which scholars reside
who are attending' school. Pawnbrokers are also notified of all

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