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Hanover Square 1890

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hanover Square, The Vestry of the Parish of Saint George]

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Drains unstopped and repaired33
Drains trapped and ventilated, sinks disconnected, &c.100
Closets supplied with water and repaired39
Closets unstopped and repaired45
New Closets provided31
Roofs repaired5
New dustbins provided6
Dustbins renewed, repaired, new covers, &c.29
New Cisterns provided18
Cisterns repaired, new covers, &c.15
Waste Pipes disconnected27
Removal of animals improperly kept1
Meat, Fish, &c., condemned (cases of)1
Overcrowding abated3
Cesspools abolished17
Accumulation of dung, straw, &c., removed30
Various nuisances removed125
No cause for complaint28
Legal proceedings taken0
Cases could not assist6
Cases referred to Surveyor19
Cases referred to Police2
Licensed Cow-houses4
Licensed Slaughter-houses5
Cases removed to Hospitals ...112
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Inspection of houses after cases of infectious diseases viz.:—

Small Pox0
Scarlet Fever60
Typhoid and Low Fever35
Typhus Fever0
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I have prepared the following Table showing the number
of cases of these diseases removed to Hospital, and the
number treated at home, during the twelve months ending
March 31st, 1890.

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