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Hanover Square 1890

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hanover Square, The Vestry of the Parish of Saint George]

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only so, but that great evil would result from it in the concealment
of cases of Infectious Diseases. I have always maintained
that this would not be so, and that, on the contrary,
great advantage would be obtained by the carrying out of
the Act. As a matter of fact not the slightest friction has
occurred, and the Act has been carried out by the medical
practitioners in the most loyal manner.
I was from the first opposed to the principle of "dual
notification" as it is called, that is to say, of notification by
the householder, as well as certification by the medical
attendant, as I consider that an unnecessary complication
was thereby introduced, and the event has justified my
anticipation, for, as a matter of fact, the Act is now made
effective entirely through the certificates given by the
medical attendants, as we scarcely ever receive any notifications
from householders, nor do we want them. So far from
cases being concealed owing to the operation of the Act, as
a matter of fact, we hear of numbers of cases that we
should not have heard of if it were not for the operation
of the Act.
Sanitary Work.
For the year ending March 31 st, 1890.
The following table has been compiled for me by Mr.
Joseph Snook, your Senior Sanitary Inspector, from the
Report Book: —

Table VI.

Various kinds of Complaints of Nuisances, &c., from,lst April,1889,to31st March,1890.

Total number of Complaints619
Notices served137
Houses and premises limewhited59
Houses disinfected after infectious diseases90
Old brick drains abolished, and pipes substituted33
New drains constructed35
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