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Hanover Square 1890

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hanover Square, The Vestry of the Parish of Saint George]

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I have prepared the following Table showing the number of cases of these diseases removed to Hospital, and the number treated at home, during the twelve months ending March 31st, 1890.

Description of Case.Removal to Hospital.Treated at Home.Total.
Small Pox0000
Scarlet Fever6020080
Enteric (Typhoid) Fever13121237
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The articles disinfected in the hot-air disinfecting chamber belonging to the Parish were as follows:—

21Hearthrugs30Table Covers
12Suits of Clothing
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and a quantity of Sundry Articles.
The total number of complaints attended to, and also that
of notices served was considerably greater than in 1888; it
was not, however, necessary to take legal proceedings in
any case to enforce compliance with the notices served, this
being the strongest argument that could possibly be given
to show that the notices were not served without good
The markets have been regularly inspected and kept in
good order, so that it has been only necessary to condemn
articles exposed for sale in one case.
The slaughter-houses and cowsheds have also been
regularly inspected and kept in good condition. There are
however, as stated in the last report, only five licensed

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