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Hanover Square 1890

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hanover Square, The Vestry of the Parish of Saint George]


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    Table I.
    YEAR.Gross Total of Deaths.Deaths in Public Institutions.Proportional Share of Deaths in Public InstitutionsCorrected Total of Deaths. (52 weeks).Corrected Death-rate per 1,000 per annum ( 52 weeks).
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    * Deaths of Parishioners in Public Institutions:—
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    Table 1A. Death-rates per 1,000 per annum. N.B.—Those for 1880 have been re-calculated on the Revised Estimates of Population.
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    As usual the deathrate of this Parish was lower than that of any one of the 28 largest English towns, the nearest to it being—
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    As usual the lowest death-rates in foreign cities are much higher than the death-rate of this Parish, the nearest to it being those of—
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    Table II.
    YEAR.Registered Births.Birth-rate per 1,000 per ann.(52 weeksDeaths of Children under 1 Year.
    Total.Percentage to Registered Births.Percentage to Total Deaths (uncorrected).
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    Table III.
    YEAR.A.B.C.D.Percentages to Gross Totalof Deaths.
    Persona aged sixth years and upwards.Violence.Inquest Cases.Uncertified.
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    Table IV.
    SUB-DISTRICT.Population at middle of 1889.Births.Birth-rate.Total Deaths.Deaths in Public Institutions.Share of Deaths in Public InstitutionsCorrection for Deaths in Public Institutions.Deaths (corrected).Death-rate (corrected).
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    Table IVa.
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    Table V. Showing the number of Deaths registered in the Parish in each of the ten yearn,1879 to 1888, from the principal infectious Diseases and Diarrhœa, and, the number in 1889.
    DISEASE.1879.1880.1881.1882.1883.1881.1885.1886.1887.1888.Annual Average of ten years, 1870—1888.Proportion of Deaths to 1,000 Deaths in ten years, 1879—1888.1889.Proportion of Deaths to 1,000 Deaths in 1889.
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    Table VI. Various kinds of Complaints of Nuisances, &c., from, ls t April, 1889, to 31s t March, 1890.
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    Inspection of houses after cases of infectious diseases viz.:—
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    I have prepared the following Table showing the number of cases of these diseases removed to Hospital, and the number treated at home, during the twelve months ending March 31st, 1890.
    Description of Case.Removal to Hospital.Treated at Home.Total.
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    The articles disinfected in the hot-air disinfecting chamber belonging to the Parish were as follows:—
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    Table VII. Return showing the number of bodies received into the Mortuary Ebury Bridge, from 1 s t April, 1889, to 31s t March, 1890.
    Cause of Death.Number.Post Mortems.Inquests.