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Greenwich 1960

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Greenwich Borough.


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    Elevation.—Varies from below high-water mark up to 249 feet above sea level.
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    AgeNo.Approx. % of Total Population
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    DEATHS—All Causes
    MaleFemaleTotalDeath Rate (Crude) 10.52
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    DEATH RATES—Special Causes
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    The following table shows these particulars giving the number of marriages in the Borough for each year since 1938:—
    YearChurches of EnglandChapels and Roman Catholic ChurchesSuperintendent-Registrar's OfficeTotalApproximate Population [/##]
    GreenwichCharlton and KidbrookeSt. Nicholas
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    The following table gives by districts the number of registrations of Greenwich Births during the current year:—
    Source of InformationDISTRICTTotal Greenwich Births
    EastWestSt. NicholasCharlton & Kidbrooke
    Greenwich Registrar's Returns: —28118558247771
    Inward Transfers: — 1st Qtr.3512374124
    2nd Qtr.326369110
    3rd Qtr.3718173129
    4th Qtr.3320265120
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    In the Appendix to the Report will be found a table giving by districts, the causes of, and ages at death of residents whilst indicating the numbers actually dying in Public Institutions.
    No in short listCauses of DeathSexDeaths at subjoined Ages of " Residents," whether occurring within or without the District.
    All Ages.Under 1.1 and under 5.5 and under 15.15 and under 25.25 and under 45.45 and under 65.65 and under 75.75 and over.
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    DEATHS IN INSTITUTIONS The following table compares the average number of deaths of Greenwich residents in Public Institutions during the previous ten years with those of the current year: —
    YearTotalIn Public Institutions
    No.% of Total Deaths
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    AGE MORTALITY The age mortality and the distribution of the deaths between the different quarters of the year are shown by the following table: —
    Deaths1st Quarter2nd Quarter3rd Quarter4th QuarterTotal
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    Deaths in the age group 0-5 years show an even more striking comparison; in 1901 the deaths in this group amounted to 37.4% whilst the figure for the current year is 2.8%.
    Age Group190119111921193119511960
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    The following table shows the comparative Infantile Mortality Rate for the quinquennial periods since 1931, together with the Rate for 1960: —
    DistrictAverage for Quinquennial PeriodsYear 1960
    1931 to 19351936 to 19401941 to 19451946 to 19501951 to 1955
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    Greenwich deaths from tuberculosis for the previous ten years are given, with their appropriate rates, in the following table:
    YearNo. of DeathsRate
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    Comparing the current year s figures with those of the previous 5 years, the sites of the affected parts were: —
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    DEATHS FROM CANCER OF LUNG (including Bronchogenic Carcinoma)
    YearAGE GROUPSTotalsGrand TotalRate per 1,000 Pop.
    25 and under 45 yrs.45 and under 65 yrs.65 and under 75 yrs.75 and upwards
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    NATIONAL WELFARE FOOD ITEMS Distribution Centres
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    Health Visitors' Records, Attendances at Infant Welfare Sessions, Prophylaxis figures, etc. 1. Health Visiting
    QuarterExpectant MothersPremature BabiesStill-BirthsInfants (under 1 year)Children 1—5 yearsSchool ChildrenCare of PeopleMiscellaneousUnsuccessfulTotal Visits
    1st visitRevisit1st visitRevisitOldOthers
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    2. Infant Welfare Clinics
    0-1 year1-2 years2-5 years
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    3. Ante and Post Natal Clinics (a) Ante Natal
    QuarterSessions1st AttendancesTotal Attendances
    This YearCurrent Pregnancy
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    (b) Post Natal (cases seen at Ante-Natal Clinics)
    Quarter1st Attendances
    This YearSince ConfinementTotal Attendances
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    4. Toddlers Clinics
    QuarterSessionsTotal AttendancesMedically Examined
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    5. Relaxation and Educational Sessions
    QuarterRelaxation SessionsEducational Sessions*
    SessionsTotal AttendancesSessionsTotal Attendances
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    6. Artificial Sunlight, Massage etc.
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    7. Chiropody Treatment
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    8. Home Help Service (a) Analysis of Cases, etc.
    CasesHome Helps
    MaternityTuberculosisChronic Sick, Aged & InfirmOthersTotalNo. Part TimeWhole Time Equivalent
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    11. School Health Service
    VisionSpecial InvestigationMinor Ailments Clinics
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    CHEST CLINICS (by appointment only)
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    FACTORIES ACTS 1937—1959 Inspections for purposes of provisions as to health.
    PremisesNumber on RegisterNumber of
    InspectionsWritten noticesOccupiers prosecuted
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    Cases in which defects were found.
    ParticularsNumber of cases in which defects were foundNumber of cases in which prosecutions were instituted
    To H.M. InspectorBy H.M. Inspector
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    Outwork—(Sections 110 and 111)
    Nature of WorkSection 110Section 111
    No. of out-workers in August list required by Sect. 110 (1) (c)No. of cases of default in sending list to the CouncilNo. of prosecutions for failure to supply listsNo. of instances of work in unwholesome premisesNotices servedProsecutions
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    Notifications received from Greenwich firms of: —
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    Two atmospheric pollution measuring stations are maintained by the Council, one at the Town Hall and the other at Charlton House and the following tables give the daily mean concentration of smoke and sulphur dioxide as calculated on readings taken at the Council's two stations during 1960:— TABLE I.—Daily Mean Concentration of Smoke
    MonthTown HallCharlton House
    Smoke mg/100m3Smoke mg/100m3
    Daily ValueDaily Value
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    TABLE II.—Daily Mean Concentration of Sulphur Dioxide
    MonthTown HallCharlton House
    Sulphur Dioxide p.p. 100m.Sulphur Dioxide p.p. 100m.
    Daily ValueDaily Value
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    The following table gives details regarding applications received, certificates issued and action taken during the current year in accordance with the Rent Act, 1957:—
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    In addition to the foregoing, 11 applications (Form "0") received from landlords and tenants for a certificate as to the remedying of defects which the landlord has undertaken to remedy, resulted in the issue of Certificates (Form "P") as follows:—
    ApplicationsBy whom madeForm 'P' Certificates issued in respect of:—
    Defects RemediedDefects not/not wholly Remedied
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    In connection with this matter the Borough Engineer has kindly supplied the following information:—
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    The 923 tons of salvaged materials collected during the year was disposed of by sales amounting to £6,632, made up as follows:
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    The following report was submitted to the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, for the year ended 31st December, 1960
    (1) Local Authority(2) Dwelling Houses (including Council H, uses)(3) All other (includg. Bu iness Premises)(4) Total of Cols. (1), (2) & (3)(5) Agricultural
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    Many other types of infestation were encountered and the following is a list of the treatments which were carried out in connection therewith:—
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    I am indebted to Mr. K. L. Embley, Superintendent Engineer, for the following statistics :—
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    Particulars of Public Sanitary Conveniences in the Borough
    W.C.'sLavatory basinsUrinal stallsW.C.'sLavatory basins
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    Free hand-washing facilities, introduced in the interests ol Public Health during 1951, were continued with marked success during the year and the following table gives an indication of the growing use made of these facilities :—
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    During the year the staff dealing with this aspect of the department was increased and the following is a summary of the work carried out by the Lady Public Health Officers during 1960:—
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    The following is a statement of the number of meals served during the financial year 1st April, 1960 to 31st March. 1961:—
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    Summary of Work Performed by the Public Health Inspectors during the Year 1960
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    Legal Proceedings
    PremisesOffenceResult of Proceedings
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    found to be living in overcrowded conditions in the Borough :—
    YearNo. of cases of overcrowding reported
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    New Housing Accommodation.—The following table lists the new dwellings erected in the Borough during 1960:—
    Type of DwellingG.B.C.L.C.C.PrivateTotal
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    Council Housing Schemes.—(Information supplied by the Borough Engineer).
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    (b) Schemes in progress at the end of the current year:—
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    (c) Building programme for rehousing envisaged for 1961, et sea :—
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    The grading is based on the results of the Methylene Blue Reductase Test and a summary of this year's reports is given below:—
    Samples takenTime taken to Reduce Methylene BlueProvisional GradeObservations
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    The following table is a statistical record of the major portion of the duties performed and inspections undertaken during the year by the Food Inspectors.
    Premises Inspected or Visits MadeNo. of VisitsNo. of Premises at which Improvements were effected
    Caterers', Restaurants, etc.14416
    Grocers, Greengrocers2698
    Butchers' Shops846
    Dairies and Milk Distributors471
    Wharves and Factories795
    Bakehouses and Bakers' Shops348
    Ice-Cream Premises, Confectioners, etc1372
    Fried Fish Shops171
    Other Fish Shops251
    Cooked Meat & Preserved Foods65*
    Visits Re. Shops Act413
    „ „ Infestations4
    „ „ Food and Drugs Act222
    „ „ Merchandise Marks Act & Markets115
    „ „ Food Poisoning28
    Sampling Visits297
    Fair Visits14
    School Visits14
    Miscellaneous Visits (including Flour MillsCyanide Fumigation)573
    Complaints Investigated46
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    As a result of 144 visits of inspection to the catering establishments, insanitary conditions were remedied and improvements effected on 24 occasions. The following is a summary of the improvements carried out:—
    Type of Improvement EffectedTotal No.
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    Shops, Stalls, etc.:—
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    The following foods were rejected at the wharves :—
    Beef (Various cuts)4,327 lbs.
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    Results of examinations for caseous lymphadenitis are given below.
    New Zealand SheepLandedExaminedRejectedWeight
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    Dried Egg Albumen. (Conditional Releases.)—
    Country of OriginQuantity ImportedContainers SampledNo. of Positives
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    Other Imported Egg Products.— The following consignments were subjected to a percentage bacteriological examination:—
    Country of OriginType of Egg ProductQuantity ImportedNo. of Samples TakenNo. of Samples Contaminated
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    Desiccated Coconut.—
    Country of OriginQuantity ImportedNo. of Samples TakenNo. of Samples Contaminated
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    Information concerning the analyses of these samples is given in the following table :—
    ArticleHow ObtainedExaminationAction Taken
    Bact. or Chem.Result
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    ArticleHow ObtainedExaminationAction Taken
    Chem. or Bact.Result
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    ArticleHow ObtainedExaminationAction Taken
    Bact. or Chem.Result
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    ArticleHow ObtainedExaminationAction Taken
    Bact. or ChemResult
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    All cases, which were of the sporadic type, were investigated with the following results:—
    No. of CasesOrganism (if known)No. of Hospital CasesRemarks
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    FOOD AND DRUGS ACT, 1955 Number and Description of Samples Submitted for Analysis under the above Act during the year 1960 (including samples taken under the Public Health (Imported Food) Regulations)
    ArticleNumber ExaminedNumber Adulterated, &c.
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    ArticleNumber ExaminedNumber Adulterated, &c.
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    ArticleNumber ExaminedNumber Adulterated, &c.
    Vegetables, Canned1414
    Vitamin Tablets11
    Walnut Kernels11
    Wine, Alcoholic22
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    Administrative Action Taken in Regard to Samples Reported to be NOT GENUINE
    Sample No.ArticleNature of adulteration and/or irregularityAction taken
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    Sample No.ArticleNature of adulteration and/or irregularityAction taken
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    Sample No.ArticleNature of adulteration and/or irregularityAction taken
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    The following table indicates the figures for the previous ten years:—
    YearNo. of corrected notifications
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    The following table gives the distribution: —
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    The number of notified cases of Tuberculosis remaining on the Register at 31st December, 1960, was a follows: —
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    PUBLIC HEALTH (TUBERCULOSIS) REGULATIONS, 1952 Part I.—Summary of notifications of Tuberculosis during the period from the 1st January, 1960, to the 31st December, 1960.
    Age PeriodsFormal Notifications
    Number of Primary Notifications of new cases of tuberculosis
    0—1—2—5—10—15—20—25—35—45—55—65—75—Total (all ages)
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    Summary of Surveys Carried Out in the Borough from 1st January to 31st December, 1960. PART I.—General Analysis
  • Page 136
    PART II.—Analysis of Abnormal Large Films (1) Cases considered tuberculous and referred for further investigation:
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    Treatment for all cases is carried out at the Tunnel Avenue Cleansing Station and the following Return summarises the work carried out during the year:—
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    Rooms and Articles Disinfected, Year ended 31st December, 1960
    Diseases, etc.Premises EnteredRoomsBedsMattressesBolstersPillowsSheetsBlanketsEiderdownsCushionsQuiltsOdd ArticlesWearing ApparelRugs and MatsCoversTotal No. of Articles Disinfected
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    The Clinic tuberculosis register is as under:—
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    Forty-five new cases of pulmonary tuberculosis were notified during the year, in the undermentioned age groups:—
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    INFANTILE MORTALITY DURING THE YEAR 1960 Deaths from stated Causes in Weeks and Months under 1 Year of Age.
    Cause of Death.Under 1 week.1—2 Weeks.2—3 Weeks.3—4 Weeks.Total under 1 Month.1—3 Months.3—6 Months.6—9 Months.9—12 Months.Total Deaths under One Year.
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    CASES OF INFECTIOUS DISEASE notified during the Year ended 31st December, 1960.
    Notifiable DiseaseCases Notified in Whole DistrictTotal Cases Notified in each LocalityNo. of Cases removed to Hospital from each Locality
    Age & Sex Group
    At all Ages0 to 11-22-33-44-55-1010-1515-2525-4545-6565 and overGreenwich EastGreenwich WestSt. NicholasCharlton and KidbrookeGreenwich EastGreenwich WestSt. NicholasCharlton and KidbrookeTotal
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    TOTAL CAUSES OF, AND AGES AT, DEATH during the year ended 31st December, 1960.
    Causes of Death.Deaths at Subjoined ages of "Residents" whether occurring within or without the DistrictDeaths at all Ages of "Residents" belonging to Localities, whether occurring in or beyond the DistrictDeaths of "Residents" in Public InstitutionsTotal Deaths whether of "Residents" or "Non-Residents" in Public Institutions in the District
    Under 11 and under 22 and under 55 and under 1515 and under 2525 and under 4545 and under 6565 and under 7575 and upwardsGreenwich EastGreenwich WestSt. Nicholas, DeptfordCharlton and KidbrookeSt. Alfege's HospitalSeamen's HospitalMiller HospitalHerbert Military HospitalBrook HospitalOther InstitutionsOutside Institutions
    All AgesUnder 4 mths.4 mths. and under 1 yr.