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Finsbury 1937

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Finsbury Borough]

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Rat Nuisance.
Sealing and Filling Up of Disused Drains.—In connection
with the Rat Nuisance special attention is paid every year to the
sealing and filling up of disused drains.
The sanitary inspectors whilst on their rounds keep watch
for any buildings which are being demolished and should no
building be erected on the site, steps are taken to have the drains
effectually sealed off; when possible the drain is sealed off at the
sewer end by the Borough Engineer's Department.
Should a new building be erected on the site, the drains are
dealt with before the premises are put in hand.
Efforts are also made to secure the removal of any W.C. pans
and the filling up of the drain, in the case of premises unoccupied
for a long period.
National Rat Week, 1st to 6th November, 1937.
The methods previously pursued by the Borough Council
as to National Rat Week were repeated in 1937; the activities of
the Council are actively pursued throughout the whole year.
Printed handbills with instructions are given out at the
counters of the various municipal offices where callers are dealt
with, and supplies of rat poison are liberally distributed to all
Finsbury residents. The handbills invite communication with the
Public Health Department, with the assurance of every assistance
by the Department for ridding premises of vermin. Instructions
are given as to rat-proofing of premises, and the discouragement
of rats and mice by the proper storage of goods which might attract
them, and the keeping of premises clear of debris and refuse
harbouring the presence of vermin.
The leaflets include advice in the use of traps and rat varnish,
and the proper laying of rat poison. The names and addresses of
firms of rat catchers of good reputation are also given on the
Posters are plentifully exhibited throughout the Borough at
intervals during the year, and a monthly distribution of freshly-