London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Finsbury 1937

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Finsbury Borough]

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The Meat Inspector paid 400 visits to the tripe-dressing
establishments, in addition to routine visits made by the
District Inspectors.
There are certain other firms in the Borough who deal in
animal fats, bones and waste meat-cloths. In hot weather
offensive effluvia arise from these premises and complaints from
adjacent ratepayers and passers-by are occasionally received.
Regular inspection is maintained in those premises.
The licensed trades are subject to special bye-laws made by
the London County Council.
Rag and Bone Dealers.
There are 10 premises within the Borough in which the
business of rag and bone dealer is carried on.
A "Rag and bone dealer" means any person selling or buying
for the purpose of re-sale or otherwise dealing in rags (other than
tailor's or dressmaker's cuttings), bones, rabbit skins, fat or other
like articles.
The premises are subject to bye-laws made by the London
County Council in 1923 under Section 3 of the London County
Council (General Powers) Act, 1908. Additional bye-laws were
made in 1928 as follows:—
1. A person carrying on the business of a rag and bone dealer
shall not sell or distribute or cause or permit to be sold
or distributed any article of food or any balloon or toy:—
(a) in or from any part of the premises used for or in
connection with his business, or
(b) in the course of his business while carried on from
any cart, barrow or other vehicle or receptacle used
for the collection or disposal of rags, bones, fat,
rabbit skins, or other like articles, or
(c) in any other way connected with his business.
These premises were inspected and the inspectors paid
26 visits last year.