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Chelsea 1931

Annual report of the Medical Officer of Health for Chelsea, 1931

McCarthy, W. H. Leslie.

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    PUBLIC HEALTH OFFICERS OF THE AUTHORITY. The names and qualifications of members of the staff of the Public Health Department, at 31st December, 1931, are tabulated below in the form required by the Ministry of Health.
    Year appointed.Name.Qualifications.Appointment.
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    (b.) Other Staff.
    Year Appointed.Name.Qualifications.Appointment.
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    Year appointed.Name.Appointment.
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    VITAL STATISTICS. In accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Health, the following extracts from the Vital Statistics of the year are shown below :— TABLE No. 2.
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    The following Tables are self-explanatory:— TABLE No. 3. Registered Births.
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    TABLE No. 4. Births, Birth-Rates, Births in Wards and Inward Transfer Births.
    Year.Births.Birth-Rate Per 1,000 ofPopulation.Births in Wards.Inward Transfer Births.
    Leg.Illeg.Total.Hans Town.Royal Hos-pital.ChurchCheyne.Stan-ley.Hos-pitals.Nursing Homes.PrivateAd-dresses.Total.
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    TABLE No. 5. Births in Hospitals and Nursing Homes.
    Chelsea Births in Hospitals and Nursing Homes Within the Borough.Chelsea Births in Hospitals and Nursing Homes Outside the Borough.
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    The following table indicates the source of notification of the 997 births notified in the Borough :— TABLE No. 6.
    Notification received fromChelsea Residents.Non-Residents.
    Live Births.Still Births.Total.Live Births.Still Births.Total.
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    The following tables are self-explanatory:— TABLE No. 8. Registered Deaths.
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    TABLE No. 9. Deaths, Death Rates, Deaths in Wards and Seasonal Mortality.
    Year.Deaths.Death-Rate per 1,000 ofPopula-tion.Deaths in Wards.Seasonal Mortality Rate.
    Hans Town.Royal Hospital.Church.Cheyne.Stanley.First Quarter.Second Quarter.Third Quarter.Fourth Quarter.
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    TABLE No. 10.
    Chelsea Deaths in Hospitals and Institutions Within the Borough.Chelsea Deaths in Hospitals and Elsewhere Outside the Borough.
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    TABLE No. 11. Birth Rate, Death Rate, and Analysis of Mortality During the Year 1931.
    -Rate per 1,000 Total Popula-tion.Annual Death-rate per 1,000 Population.Rate per 1,000 Live Births.Percentage of Total Deaths.
    AllCauses.Enteric Fever.Small-pox.Measles.Scarlet Fever.Whoop-ing Cough.Diph-theria.In-fluenza.Vio-lence.Diarrhœaand Enteritis (under Two years).Total Deaths under One year.Certifiedby Registered Medical Practi-tioners.Inquest Cases.Certified by Coroner after P.M.No Inquest.Uncertified Causes of Death
    Live Births.Still Births.
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    TABLE No. 12. Deaths of Chelsea Residents Registered during the Year 1931, classified by Age and Cause. (In accordance with Registrar-General's Return).
    Causes of Death.Nett Deaths, whether occurring within or without the borough.
    All Ages.Under 1 year.1 and under 2 years.2 and under 5 years.5 and under 15 years.15 and under 25 years.25 and under 35 years.35 and under 45 years.45 and under 55 years.55 and under 65 years.65 and under 75 years.75 years and upwards.
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    TABLE No. 13.
    Year.Bronchitis.Pneumonia.Other Respiratory Diseases.Total.Death. rate.No. of deaths under 5 years.Percentage under 5 years.
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    TABLE No. 14. Child Mortality (1-5 Years).
    Period or Year.Infectious Fevers.Tuberculosis.Respiratory Diseases.Diarrhœal Diseases.All other causes.Total Deaths.
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    TABLE No. 15.
    Under 1 week.1-2 weeks.2-3 weeks.3-4 weeks.Total under 4 weeks.4 weeks and under 3 months.3-6 months.6-9 months.9-12 months.Total deaths under 1 year.
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    The following Table gives the Infant Mortality Rate in Chelsea under various headings, for the past two years : — TABLE No. 16.
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    TABLE No. 17. Infantile Mortality Rates per 1,000 Births in Wards.
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    Illegitimate Deaths.—The following Table No. 18 shows the number of deaths among illegitimate infants during the past two years. TABLE No. 18.
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    TABLE No. 19.
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    TABLE No. 20. Nursed by District Nurses During 1931.
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    TABLE No. 21.
    Year.(1)No. of applications for services of(2)Total number provided with aAmount of Assessment on cases attended.Nett Costto Council.
    Maternity Nurse.Midwife.Maternity Nurse.Midwife.Maternity Nurse.Midwife.Maternity Nurse.Midwife.
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    TABLE No. 22.
    YearNo. of applications for services of Home Help, including extension over the usual period of 2 weeks.Total number of cases attended by the Home Helps.Amount of Assessment on cases attended.Nett Cost to Council.
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    TABLE No. 24.
    Name.Situation.Nature of Cases Treated.Available Beds.If usedby persons resident outsidethe BoroughManagement.
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    PUERPERAL FEVER AND PUERPERAL PYREXIA. There were no cases of Puerperal Fever. Seven cases of puerperal Pyrexia were notified. Details of these cases are set out in the following table :— TABLE No. 25.
    Total number of cases notified.Treatment inHospital.District Nurses inattendanceCouncil's Obstetrician called in.Deaths.
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    TABLE No. 26.
    Death-rate per 1,000 Births.
    Year.Puerperal Fever.Other complications of Pregnancy and Childbirth.Total Dea;th-rate.
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    TABLE No. 27. Summary of Reports of Health Visitors.
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    The following table shows for the past two years, the extent of this service. :— TABLE No. 28.
    Year.Milk Orders issued and taken up.Approx.Cost.
    March quarter.June quarter.Sept. quarter.Dec. quarter.*Total.
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    The attendances at the Nursery during the past two years were as follows :— TABLE No. 29.
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    The following Table No. 30 shows the work carried out in the Home during the past year TABLE No. 30. Mothercraft Training Home. Analysis of Cases Admitted During the Year.
    Babies.Mothers.Average stay.
    Malnutrition.For Breast-feeding.Artificially fedBreast-fed.
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    Resident babies.Average stay.
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    Breast Feeding Analysis.
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    Attendances for Test-Feeds.
    Mothers attending 1 day.2days.3days.4days.5days.6days.14days.Total No. of Mothers.Total No. of test feeds.
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    TABLE No. 31.
    Year.No. of Applications.Nursing Mothers and Infants sent away under Council Scheme.Contributions by Mothers.Nett Cost toBorough.
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    TABLE No. 33.
    Number of Premises.Number of inspections during 1931Number of notices served during 1931Number of prosecutions during 1931
    On register at end of 1930Added in 1931Removed in 1931On register at end of 1931
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    TABLE No. 34. Factories, Workshops, Workplaces, and Homeworkers' Premises. I.— Inspection of Factories, Workshops and Workplaces. (Including Inspections made by Sanitary Inspectors).
    Premises.(1)Number of
    Inspections.(2)Written Notices.(3)Occupiers prosecuted. (4)
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    2.—Defects found in Factories, Workshops and Workplaces.
    Particulars.Number of Defects.Number of offences in respect to which Prosecutionswere instituted.
    Found.Remedied.Referred to H.M. Inspector.
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    3.—Home Work.
    Outworkers' Lists, Section 107.Outwork in UnwholesomePremises, Section 108.Outwork in Infected Premises, Sees. 109, 110
    Lists received from Employers.Number of Ad-dresses of out-workers received from other CouncilsNumber of Ad-dresses of out-workersfor-warded to other CouncilsProse-cutions.No. of Inspec-tions ofOut-workers Pre-mises.
    Instances.Notices served.Prosecutions.Instances.Orders made (Sec. 109).Prosecutions (Sec. 109, 110)
    Lists.Chelsea Out-workers.
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    Sufficiency of Supply of Houses.—Municipal undertakings for the housing of the working classes carried out by the Borough Council prior to 1914 were as follows :—
    Population.No. of Flats.
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    TABLE No. 36.
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    TABLE No. 37. Licences Granted under Milk (Special Designations) Order.
    Licences granted under Milk (Special Designations) Order.1930.1931.
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    TABLE No. 38.
    InJanuary, 1931.In December, 1931.
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    TABLE No. 39. Inspection of Premises where Food was Prepared or Sold.
    Nature of Premises.1930.1931.
    No. on RegisterNo. of Inspections.No. on RegisterNo. of Inspections.
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    TABLE No. 40. Magisterial Proceedings under Food and Drugs (Adulteration) Act, 1928.
    Street whereI 'urchased.Offence.Petty Sessions.Date of Hearing.Result.
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    TABLE No. 41. Cases of Infectious Disease Notified during the Year.
    Cases notified in Chelsea.Removed to various Hospitals.
    At all Ages.Under 1Year.1-5 Years.5-15 Years.15-25 Years.25-45 Years.45-65 Years.65 and upwards.
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    TABLE No. 42.
    Year.Cases Notified.Pe-cent-age of Removals.DeathsCase Mortality Rate.Per-cent-age of casesof School age (3-13 years)Monthof great-est preva-lence.Bacterioscopic Diagnosis, Lister Institute.
    No. of Specimens submittedPositivePercentage Positive.Negative.Percentage Negative.
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    TABLE No. 43.
    Quinquennial Periods.Average Annualcase-rate per 1,000 population.Average Annual ca'se-mortality rate.Average Annual , percentage of cases removed to hospital.
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    TABLE No. 44.
    Year.Cases Notified.Percentage ofRemovals.Deaths.Case Mortality Rate.Percentage of cases of School-age 3-13 years.Month of greatestprevalence.
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    TABLE No. 45.
    Quinquennial Periods.Average Annualcase-rate per 1,000 population.Average Annual Case-Mortality rate.Average Annual percentage of cases removed to hospital.
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    TABLE No. 46. Ophthalmia Neonatorum.
    Cases.Vision "Unimpaired.Vision Impaired.Total Blindness.Deaths.
    No. Notified.Treated.
    At Home.In Hospital.
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    TABLE No. 47.
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    TABLE No. 49.
    Quarter.No. of days on which the Station was openedAttendances.
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    TABLE No. 50. Tuberculosis. New Cases and Mortality during 1931.
    Age Periods.New Cases.Deaths.
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    The returns made in accordance with these Regulations show that the numbers of cases of Tuberculosis in the Borough on 31st December last were as follows:— TABLE No. 51.
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    TABLE No. 52.
    Diagnosis.Pulmonary.Non-Pulmonary.Total.GrandTotal __
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    Condition at the time of the last record made during the year to which the Return relates.Previous to 1926.1926.1927.1928.1929.1930.1931.
    Class T.B. minus.Class T.B. plus.Class T.B. minus.Class T.B. plus.Class T.B. minus.'Class T.B. plusClass T.B. minus.Class T.B. plusClass T.B. minus.Class T.B. plusClass T.B. minus.Class T.B. plusClass T.B. minus.Class T.B. plus.
    Group 1.Group 2.Group 3.Total (Class T.B. plus).Group 1.Group 2.Group 3.Total (Class T.B. plus).Group 1.Group 2.Group 3.Total (Class T.B. plus).Group 1.Group 2.Group 3.Total (Class T.B. plus).Group 1.Group 2.Group 3.Total (Class T.B. plus.)Group 1.Group 2.Group 3.Total (Class T.B. plus).Group 1.Group 2.Group 3.Total (Class) T.B. plus).
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    TABLE 53 (continued). (b.) NON-PULMONARY TUBERCULOSIS.
    Condition at the time of the last record made during the year to which the Return relates.Previous to 1926.1926.192719281929.1930.1931
    Bones and Joints.Abdominal.Other Organs.Peripheral Glands.Total.Bones and Joints.Abdominal.Other Organs.Peripheral Glands.Total.Bones and Joints.Abdominal.Other Organs.Peripheral Glands.Total.j Bones and Joints.Abdominal.Other Organs.Peripheral Glands.Total.Bones and Joints.Abdominal.Other Organs.Peripheral Glands.Total.Bones and Joints.Abdominal.Other Organs.Peripheral Glands.Total.Bones and Joints.Abdominal.Other Organs.Peripheral Glands,Total.
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    TABLE No. 54. Work done at the Dispensary.
    Year.Number of Persons examined for the first time.Definite Tuberculosis.Total attendances at Dispensary.
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    TABLE I.
    Name of Sample.Genuine Composition or Not Adulterated.Adulterated.Inferior.Total.
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    Name of Sample.Genuine Composition or Not Adulterated.Adulterated.Inferior.Total.
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    MILK. 5. The particulars relating to the sample or Milk reported as adulterated are given in Table II. TABLE II.
    No.Percentage of Water.Remarks.