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Walthamstow 1904

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Walthamstow]

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shall be deemed to include any sewer or drain whether constructed
before or after the passing of this Act with which two or more houses
or premises (whether belonging to the same or different owners) are at
the date of the passing of this Act, or may at any time thereafter be
connected, or which is used or capable of being or intended to be used
for the conveyance of the drainage of such houses or buildings directly
or by means of any other sewer or drain to any public sewer situate
under a street repairable by the inhabitants at large, but shall not
include any sewer which has been constructed to the satisfaction of the
Corporation under Section 152 of the Public Health Act, 1875, or any
sewer which has been constructed by the Corporation for the effectual
drainage of the Borough."
Infectioous Disease.—During the year infectious disease has been
notified as occurring in 841 premises. On receipt of each notification
the premises are visited and the usual information obtained as to the
possible source of infection, source of milk supply, what schools are
attended by the inmates, nature and source of work, if any, carried on,
use of library books, need for isolation, etc.

The results are summed up as follows:—

Houses inspected and disinfected841
Houses having defective drainage77
Houses having other insanitary conditions166
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In addition to the enquiries above alluded to special enquiries were
made at the request of the Medical Officer of Health into the possible
causes and attendant conditions in 178 cases of infantile diarrhoea after
the autumnal recurrence of that disease.

Articles disinfected at Council's apparatus:—

Destroyed on request of owners: Bolsters12
Books from public libraries disinfected88
Premises having needlework, etc., carried on, and goods disinfected3
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