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Walthamstow 1904

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Walthamstow]

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Patients have been removed to hospital as follows:—

In Council's Ambulance:— Walthamstow General Hospital23
Liverpool Road Hospital5
The London Hospital2
Dagenham Small Pox Hospital49
By other Means Metropolitan Asylums Board Hospitals13
West Ham Infirmary19
Leyton Sanatorium1
Walthamstow Sanatorium14
Saint Bartholomew's Hospital1
North Eastern Hospital for Children1
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Private Schools—Visits paid to private elementary schools show
that, generally, they are well kept with good light and space; but one
instance come across during the year shows that parents do not always
consider the advantage of their children by declining to send them to a
public school.

The following table will show the conditions existing:—

Cubic Capacity in feet of Rooms.Per Child.Area of floor in feet.No. of Children present.Floor space required by Education department for same number of Children.
Room 1 22626223437370
Room 2 11036510817170
Room 3 630368124240
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In addition to this comparison, a public school would be well lighted
and ventilated, while in this case the contrary was found; the walls were
unclean, the plaster broken away, and the bare places soiled and
greasy with the rubbing of children's clothes.
1 at once called the serious attention of the proprietress to the bad
condition of things, and the necessity of taking immediate steps for
improvement, with the result that larger premises were taken, with
better accommodation, and the general conditions are now satisfactory.

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