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Walthamstow 1904

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Walthamstow]

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the very great number which have been so dealt with, say, during the
last ten years, in addition to substantial repairs, and in view also of the
close supervision exercised in recent years over the drainage of new
buildings under your Surveyor.
House Drainage.—The following blocks of house drains have been
entirely reconstructed, besides many other single drains, and more or
less substantial repairs which could not be classed as reconstructions :—
23 and 25, Colebrook Road.
70 and 72, Palmerston Road.
50 and 52, Woodville Road.
59, 61 and 63, Telford Road.
13 and 15, Mayfield Road.
29, 81, 33 and 35 Worcester Road.
1 and 2, Raymond Villas, Telford
14 and 16, Pretoria Avenue.
5 and 7, Pretoria Avenue.
12 and 14, Shakespeare Road.
15 and 17, Buxton Road.
87 and 89, Hoe Street.
10 and 12, Brandon Road.
25 and 27, Brandon Road.
7 and 9, Linford Road.
16 and 18, Linford Road.
68 and 70, St. Mary's Road.
18, 20 and 22, Byron Road.
7 and 8, Farey's Row.
33 and 35, Hale End Eoad.
28, 30 and 32, Vallentin Road.
54, Brown's Road.
1, 2 and 3, Elm Road.
102 and 104, Maynard Road.
106 and 116, Maynard Road.
44 and 46, Byron Road.
20 and 22, Brunswick Street.
33 to 53, Cuthbert Road
170, 172 and 174, Boundary Road.
9 and 11. Priory Avenue.
64 and 66, Beaconsfield Road.
22 and 24, Frazer Road.
42 and 44, Gladstone Road.
31 and 33, Arkley Road.
The vexed question of "Sewers" versus "Combined Drains" still
continues to give rise to delay, but no legal proceedings have resulted
either on the part of the Council or of owners in connection with the
thirty-four sets of premises detailed above, as care is always taken to
avoid as far as possible any action which will lead to such proceedings.
Several important cases have recently been before the Courts of Law,
the decisions in which in the first instance threatened a worse state of
confusion than ever, but subsequent revision in a superior Court has
restored the position somewhat and helped to clear up some hitherto
undecided points, and in general maintained the decision given some
years back in North v. the Walthamstow District Council.
Some day, perhaps, local authorities will be sufficiently united in
opinion upon the question to secure the desirable alteration in the law,
and there is growing a general opinion in favour of such a clause as
Section 42, West Ham Corporation Act, 1898:—" In and for the
purpose of the Section 41 of the Act of 1893 the word 'drain'

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